Police clear NUP rallies but pot their political rights

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Police clear NUP rallies but pot their political rights
NUP's Robert Kyagulanyi looks on bemused after Police blocked his convoy from proceeding to Pallisa | Courtesy

Police have finally allowed the mobilization rallies for opposition National Unity Platform party but on condition they follow certain guidelines.

Following a complaint by the opposition party of targeted efforts by police to curtain their political freedoms, NUP and the law enforcement body were on Monday engaged in a meeting iron out the differences.

In a statement by the deputy police spokesperson, Claire Nabakka, the party meetings will continue as long as they adhere to guidelines agreed upon by the two parties during the Monday meeting.

The guidelines

According to the police statement, the NUP leadership shall be required to notify police through the Inspector General of Police in writing early enough to allow the law enforcement body to reply in time and copy their letters to the territorial commanders.

“The District Security Committee shall carry out an assessment of security at the venue, environs, and the route that the NUP members intend to use before the meetings. The committee will work together with the liaison officer of NUP to agree on an appropriate venue where Police can effectively provide security. The assessment will be in coordination with town clerks who always grant permission for venue usage,” Police said.

According to the law enforcement body, the opposition party leadership will provide a liaison officer whose role will be to coordinate with Police headquarters and unit commanders regarding preparations for holding their activities and following up on security concerns from the party.

“The meeting urged NUP Leadership to prevail over their members who wear military insignia, as these acts contravene the law. Persons found culpable shall be dealt with individually,” Assistant Commissioner of Police,Nabakka said.

She said in regards the confiscated NUP items by security, it was agreed that a follow-up will be made by the Director of Operations, and communication will be made later.

“Regarding NUP members arrested for acts contravening the law, the meeting agreed that the NUP liaison officer should always contact Police for follow up.”

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