Petroleum Authority says negative propaganda hurts Uganda's oil sector

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Petroleum Authority says  negative propaganda hurts Uganda's oil sector
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The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has decried continued false propaganda on oil and gas sector that they said is making it hard to attract investors.

While leading  a delegation of  officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including Uganda's ambassadors to China, France, UAE and Tanzania to a tour of  Kingfisher oil fields, Kabalega international airport and industrial park in Kikuube, officials from PAU said negative propaganda by some individuals is hurting the country's oil sector.

The legal and corporate affairs director, Ali Ssekatawa told the delegation that works are in progress, noting that land compensation now  stands at 96%,  but reaffirmed government stand that the first oils will be in 2025.

"So far so good, seven wells have been drilled, and now the drilling rig is on another well pad. We don't see any reason for not having the first oil drops, " Ssekatawa said

He noted that they have a challenge of  external forces who have since intensified their efforts of spreading false propaganda about the sector, with the latest claim being that the sector is affecting 230 rivers and death of wild animals.

"Every time these voices continue moving, it means there are a number of investors that can't invest in Uganda, especially in our sector of oil and gas. It is also affecting the tourism sector."

Ssekatawa also highlighted the reasons for leading the  ambassadors  for a tour, noting that  they can help counter the false propaganda.

"The only way we can address this is to counter them in conferences because they have gone a little serious to the extent of taking Ugandans abroad to go and talk ill about the gas.Now when we join some of these conferences, we ask them to quantity their statements but they shy away, meaning it is time to have intellectual debates to fight the propaganda ," Ssekatawa said

He equally wondered why they accuse Uganda, yet in North America 50 exploration licenses have been issued and in many other countries.

The ministry of foreign affairs permanent secretary Bagiire Vincent Waiswa who headed the delegation said their focus is to see and then be able to advocate and work on the image of the country from an informed point of view.

"A lot has been happening  with false propaganda being spread but we  are here and all is moving well. Our diplomats  have now  seen and can counter the false propaganda,"Bagiire noted.


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