Besigye's FDC Refutes Rumors of New Party, Resumes Consultations

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Besigye's FDC Refutes Rumors of New Party, Resumes Consultations
Besigye's mobilisation activities has riled the Najjanankumbi heirarchy

Silence Broken, Speculation Addressed

Weeks of quiet from Kizza Besigye's FDC camp sparked rumours of a potential breakaway party, fueled by consultations in western and eastern Uganda. However, FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has stepped forward to clarify.

Consultations, Not Defection

Nganda acknowledges suggestions from supporters and leaders regarding a new party but emphasizes that a nationwide consultation process will guide the final decision. He vehemently denies initiating the registration of a new party with the electoral commission. Any such move, he assures, will happen transparently after consultations conclude.

Back to Work in Masindi

The FDC Katonga faction, led by Besigye, is revving up. Consultations resume on May 1st and 2nd in Masindi district, with plans to extend outreach to West Nile and the north.

A Party Divided

This development comes after Besigye's FDC split from the Najjanankumbi faction last year. The Najjanankumbi group has even threatened legal action over the continued use of FDC's party symbols by Besigye's side.

Uncertain Future

The consultations and Besigye's FDC's future trajectory remain to be seen. Will they forge a new path or seek reconciliation within the FDC umbrella? Only time will tell.

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