DP NEC to discipline indiscipline party members

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DP NEC to discipline indiscipline party members
Norbert Mao

The Democratic Party National Executive Committee (NEC) will seat and forge a way forward on how to discipline party members who have behaved in a manner that violates the party constitution

This has been revealed by the party's Deputy President Mukasa Mbide.

"Whoever is reported to have cases of indiscipline will be dealt with," says Mbidde. Mbidde added that they want there to be a "mechanism through which members can be disciplined"

This comes at the time the party is set to hold the national executive committee meeting slated for 19th and 20th April 2023.

But Buikwe south legislator and self-proclaimed DP caretaker Dr. Lulume Bayiga questions where Mao and company draw powers to organize an NEC meeting.

"High court declared that Mao election in office in Gulu was illegal," said Dr Lulume Bayiga. Bayiga believes "any meetings organized by Mao and his team are illegal”

Dr Lulume says they are now waiting for the final decision by the court of appeal after Mao and his team ran to court challenging the high court ruling

But Bukoto Central Member of Parliament Richard Ssebamala has welcomed the move to have the party National Executive Committee meeting which he says is critical for them to change party leadership.

"If the party has decided to finally give us a way through which we can change the party leadership then the move is welcome," said Ssebamala.

But he has concerns these might use the alleged indiscipline cases to deny members from contesting for top party positions. "If they want to hide behind disciplining members to deny them from contesting in the internal elections then there’s a problem"

The Bukoto central member of parliament notes there have been no cases of indiscipline in the party except for having divergent views on how the party should be run.

DP top party leadership has been on the spot after the party president entered into a memorandum of understanding with President Museveni and the ruling party Nrm pledging to work together.

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