Central gov't, Mengo join forces to tackle youth unemployment in Buganda

In a significant move to combat the persistent issue of youth unemployment in the Buganda region, the central government has pledged to collaborate with Mengo, the governing body of the Buganda Kingdom.

The commitment was made by Former Vice President Edward Kiwannuka Ssekandi during the conclusion of a two-day retreat for the Buganda Kingdom, which focused on the Lukiiko's role in enhancing the social conditions of Buganda's people.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing youth unemployment in Buganda, Ssekandi emphasized the need for sustainable solutions stating that the central government is eager to partner with Mengo to create opportunities and empower the youth in the region.

This commitment signifies a potential shift towards a coordinated effort to enhance the economic prospects and well-being of Buganda's youth.

"Buganda is one of those regions with a high number of unemployed youths, and this number continues to grow. As the government, we are determined to collaborate with the Buganda Kingdom to improve their well-being through government programs, including the Parish Development Model and Emyoga, enabling them to start small-scale businesses." Ssekandi explained

He also expressed gratitude to the Buganda government for their efforts to improve the lives of Buganda's people, especially through the 'Emwanyi Terimba' program.

"On this issue, I want to thank the Kabaka of Buganda and his prime minister for their leadership in enhancing livelihoods through farming, health, and education. We, as the government, are committed to supporting these initiatives," Ssekandi stated.

The Buganda retreat yielded several accomplishments, including the formation of a special committee to assess the suspension of royal social programs, discussions between the Minister of Land in Buganda and Kabaka's county chiefs, and a focus on managing royal land, counties, sub-counties, parishes, and other Kabaka-related issues.

Speaker of the Buganda Lukiiko, Mr. Patrick Luwaga Muggumbule, assured that the matters discussed during the retreat would not merely remain on paper.

"We are not going to wait for the sitting to address these issues. We will start working immediately upon returning to our respective areas because Kabaka has encouraged us to turn words into action," said Speaker Muggumbule.

Buddu County Chief Pokiino Jude Muleke encouraged Buganda's people to transition from cities to villages, utilizing the available resource - land.

"If we aim to combat poverty, let us begin with the abundant resource of land. People should move from cities to villages as advocated by the Kabaka because it is the first step towards breaking free from poverty," Muleke urged.

This year's retreat brought together various stakeholders in Buganda government, including Buganda County chiefs, ministers, and other key figures. The retreat served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration with the overarching goal of developing strategies and initiatives to address youth unemployment, empower the youth, and uplift the people of Buganda.

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