West Nile Ex-Combatants Receive Resettlement Package, Minister Urges Responsible Use

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In a ceremony held at Koboko district, the Ugandan government distributed a resettlement package valued at 5.1 billion shillings to 4,901 former combatants of the West Nile Bank Front (WNBF). This disbursement signifies a major stride towards reconciliation and reintegration within the West Nile region.

Defence Minister Jacob Oboth-Oboth emphasized that the package shouldn't be viewed as a simple handout, but rather as a tool to assist ex-combatants in re-entering civilian life and becoming positive contributors to their communities. He underscored the importance of reconciliation as a cornerstone for lasting peace and social harmony within the West Nile.

Minister of State for Veteran Affairs, Huda Oleru Abason, commended the ex-combatants for their voluntary disarmament, marking a pivotal moment in bringing stability to the region. Both ministers acknowledged the historical suffering endured by the West Nile people due to insurgencies, highlighting the government's unwavering commitment to lasting peace under President Museveni's leadership.

The ceremony was attended by prominent figures such as Members of Parliament and local leaders from the West Nile region, signifying a collective effort towards a peaceful future. This initiative signifies a positive step for the West Nile, empowering former combatants to become productive members of society and contribute to lasting peace in the region.

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