Mocking of Magufuli in death by "Western elites" is evidence of hatred on independent minded African Leaders


Patriot( Muzalendo) and one of the finest Pan-African Leaders, Ndugu Dr. John Pompe Magufuli, Rest in Eternal Peace, the brave son of my beloved Mother Continent Africa.

As the Mother Continent Africa received the most chilling news of the night, that her brave son Dr. Magufuli passed on last Sunday, disturbing tweets began appearing online ( Twitter handles) of Western elites and Western Media houses.

For example, one of the self-declared enemies of Dr. Magufuli, Counsel Robert Amsterdam, tweeted:

"After all the rumors, the confirmation of the death of #Tanzania President Magufuli still comes as a shock. As the country navigates the uncertainty of the transition, it is an important lesson on the difference between a one-party rule and one-man rule".

A similar tweet in context was made by a popular media house in the USA, The New York Times trying to insinuate that Dr. Magufuli was an undemocratic Leader.

In most African human moral decency, it is obscene to mock anyone in death even when that person happens to be your enemy number 1.  It is morally reprehensible to do so and must not be done whatever the circumstance. But again it is total misinformation to conclude that a democratically elected leader was undemocratic without reasonable justifications and objective analysis.

It is totally unacceptable, for a reputable media house like The New York Times to tweet such misinformation material on its official Twitter handle.

Facts on Tanzania's Political History After Independence

Tanzania has been having very smooth Transitions since independence in 1961. The Late Dr. Magufuli came into office through a democratic process. He too stood with the National Constitution and made it clear this was going to be his last term.

It is, therefore, erroneous and extremely misleading for anyone to allege that he was undemocratic. Why must the Western Leaders and people think African Elections must be approved by them to stand the test for democracy/validity? Which African Country has ever observed US Presidential Election? Is it true that the Westerners are Saints of democracy? That all elections in the Western Countries are excellent and free? If so why was President Trump yelling all over alleging massive cheating in the last Presidential Election in the USA?

To the doubters who are actually doubtful people themselves, Tanzania is the only East African Country where no bloodshed has ever occurred in a change of Leadership at the Presidential level.

Therefore, Tanzania is actually the best functioning democracy in Africa by all minimum standards.

It is very clear that the reason for which Dr. Magufuli was most hated was his strong stand against Imperialism. His brave and successful battles against Western Surrogates like Mr. Tindu Lisu and others were viewed as grave threats to Western Interests in Tanzania/Africa.

Dr. Magufuli was simply hated for correctly standing on the way of the West. There is no need to hide this naked truth.

However, the negative tweets about a great Leader who is dead are a confirmation of the deep-seated hatred for strong Pan-African Leaders by the Western World.

African Intellectuals & Academia must rise up and rebuke to the maximum intensity such behaviors of the West towards Africa.

This must also remind us Africans that the battle for our true Independence has just started and we must quickly get united or stand to be conquered again using various methods.

Cry beloved Mother Continent Africa!

The Author is a Senior Member of National Patriotism Corp-Uganda/ a Pan-Africanist

@JobMatua ( Twitter)

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