Dr. Stella Nyanzi's politics is fixated on the 18th century


Few people can handle failure. It is even worse for those who try late. While in the global north, people start trying new things and taking up challenges at an early age, it’s different in the global south.

In the west people are encouraged to try, they are not punished for failing unlike in Africa where making a mistake is punishable.

This could explain why many people in Uganda fear to try or try so late. There is an assumption that they should only try when they are certain of achieving whatever goal they set.

In the just-concluded elections, Dr. Stella Nyanzi at the age of 46 stood for parliamentary elections which Bobi Wine did in 2017 at the age of 35.

At 35 Bobi Wine won the elections after sweeping all the polling stations. Three years later he stood for President at the age of 38. While at 38 Bobi Wine was standing for Presidency, Dr. Stella Nyanzi was standing for parliament which she lost with no excuse.

Both Bobi Wine and Stella have responded to their failures differently. Bobi went to the supreme court and later switched to the court of public opinion, Dr. Stella instead went to social media and started attacking Bobi Wine for her failure.

Traditionally Bobi Wine would be learning from Dr. Stella given that she is some years older than him and needless to say she’s a Ph.D. holder but instead as it stands, it's Dr. Stella learning from Bobi Wine.

The difference between the two is that Dr. Stella lived so much in the 20th century which is hampering her to cope with the digital era. She knows how to use Facebook and other social media platforms but she is fixated, so is her politics.

The politics of making endless attacks on an individual doesn’t work in the 21st century. It makes the one attacking feel good but doesn’t change the political landscape.

While Museveni could be Uganda’s problem, Bobi Wine (in my view) isn’t a problem to anyone. We should instead be thanking him for fronting himself. He has the courage to remain in the country amid all the persecutions.

Dr. Stella like many people who didn’t do things at the right age felt bad when Bobi Wine got a bulletproof and a helmet because they thought they were at the same level of leadership. Imagine a parliamentary candidate for a mere constituency comparing herself with a presidential candidate! Yes, they could argue that there were other Presidential candidates but that is like comparing a 3-star general with a sergeant.

It was crystal clear that Bobi Wine’s life was grossly under threat yet he was the leading opposition candidate the country had. Voters knew he needed protection which is why they voted for him more than anyone else.

There’s this talk of the armored car that has caused more anger in a certain group of people led by Dr. Stella. Dr. Stella ran for her life and exiled herself claiming that her life was in danger. If a failed parliamentary candidate fears for her life, what of an outgoing member of parliament and former Presidential candidate? Bobi Wine is the face of the struggle in Uganda.

He is not the first to be protected. Nelson Mandela was not imprisoned under the same conditions as other political prisoners. He was treated differently because of the position he held. Why is it a big deal when Bobi Wine protects himself?

Those of us who voted for Bobi Wine, we’re not complaining but members of another party have made it a big issue. You should be addressing your crumbling party issues, not the NUP president. Accept that you were defeated and your party walloped badly. Pick the bones and start again.

Bobi Wine is the leader of our generation.

The writer is a former aspirant in the Kalungu Parliamentary elections and attempted to stand for presidency before withdrawing in favor of Bobi Wine

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