Western powers are the reasons for political conflicts in Africa


Africa is a blessed continent endowed with natural resources that are many and in very large quantities and high relative abundance.

On the contrary, America (North America) and Europe are lacking in terms of resources gifted by nature.

These two Continents have relied solely on Africa to feed their Industries leading to accelerated Socio-Economic Transformations at the expense of Africa's underdevelopment.

Africa became an absolute Interest of the Western World Centuries of years ago dating back over 500 years.

The Official policy of the US/Europe in Africa is depopulation. It has never changed and will not change. The highly populated Africa is NOT acceptable to both Europe and America. This will deny these people resources they lack but can only get in Africa.

Africa's exploitation started during the slave trade era whereby nearly all able-bodied men and women were taken forcefully to America and Europe to work in plantations.


Due to the enormous interest of all European countries plus the USA in Africa, conflicts became inevitable. This was witnessed in Eastern Africa now called East Africa between Germany and Britain in Tanganyika now called Tanzania and in Uganda between Britain and Belgium over the West Nile enclave.

The numerous conflicts led to the Berlin Conference of 1884 where Western powers sat on the round table to formerly divide Africa among themselves for proper looting without conflicts between themselves.

This was the beginning of the permanent partitioning of Africa irrespective of societies/Nations that existed. Different tribes were separated. For example, the Kakwa a small group of people was divided into three (3) Countries, Uganda (in Koboko), DR Congo, and South Sudan.

There were key considerations made with the same target of ensuring African disunity. These include:

  1. a) Splitting large & powerful Kingdoms into different Countries. The larger and powerful the Kingdom, the more the number of Countries that came out of it.
  2. b) The random allocation of Countries to different Western powers so as to ensure total disintegration by Introductions of different foreign languages.

The above two considerations and others meant that Africa became weakened and completely disintegrated. This allowed easy looting of resources without the Mobilization of Africans for unification to fight back these thieves.

The colonization of Africa would have been earlier but the presence of mosquitoes protected Africans. The discovery of a treatment for malaria empowered the Europeans to come to Africa.

The false narrative

Taught for Africans that likes of John Speak were Explorers/Tourists is a lie we must vehemently reject in totality. All those whites who came in the name of Explorers were highly ranked Army Officers who came to spy on our resources. They moved with Geologists and Map Readers, Surveyors, etc. Unfortunately, our Institutions of learning have refused to correct these glaring misinformation update.


After Independence, the African Leaders who took charge immediately resented Western interference in the affairs of the Sovereign States. This caused the first credible Pan-African movement leading to the formation of OAU, Organization of African Unity.

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, Nkwameh Nkrumah, Patrick Lumumba of DR Congo were among the leading people to cause the formation of OAU.

The consequences of post-colonial African Leaders rejecting the continued interference by Western powers caused assassinations of many and the misuse of the military to stage coups.

Africa was thrown into turmoils and political Instabilities. The military takes over by Iddi Amin Dada in Uganda, the assassinations of Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso, and Patrick Lumumba of DR Congo were all fully aided by Colonial powers.

Western Puppets were installed and led this to massive exploitation of those Countries. Up to now the majority of the former colonies of France/Belgium are still impoverished and extremely unstable. DR Congo, CAR, Mali are some of the examples.

It took another generation of Liberators like President Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta, the Late Col Muammar Ghadafi, and others to take over and reorganize their Countries.

The successes made by some of these Ideologically clear leaders have made them vilified by those Western Imperialists. They are now coming back in the name of Saints of Human rights which they do not practice in their own Countries.

This new wave of action in Africa has been accelerated by the increased interest of China, the Eastern power house in Africa. Europe and America must urgently find ways of neutralizing Chinese influence in Africa and they are doing these by forcing puppets in power so that they listen to themselves.

Patriotic and Ideologically clear leaders like President Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta who preach integration of Africa become enemies of the West.

Col Muammar Ghadafi was eliminated in this very context. This is the same context in which the West is looking for a way to remove President Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta. The excuses of overstaying in power, being Authoritarian, abuses of human rights, etc are just window dressings of their real Imperialistic Interests.

Therefore, Democracy and progress in Africa will always be highly obliterated by these Whites from the Western World. They don't want to see any African Country progressing.

Mr. Eliot, Counsel Robert Amsterdam, and others are doing works for their Countries/Continents the reason they are not being condemned by their own people. Nobody should be surprised to see them doing so. The original interest of the Western World in Africa has not changed and will not change.

It is upon us to make our people know these truths so as to create a critical mass of Patriots who can defend our democracy, Sovereignty and guarantee our existential survival. Africa must unite or accept to perish.




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