For those arguing in favour of Fresh Kid’s dad, wow you forget so fast!


Fresh Kid’s father, Paul Mutabazi left most of us Gobsmacked, when he stamped down, and said his seven-year-old child will not travel to Dubai where he is due to hold concert, unless a ticket in his names and an invitation, plus full board financial treatment came through.

He went ahead to front several fatherly reasons, throwing around authority and buttering up his excuses with an aroma of responsibility. And then he got social media bandwagon to flow with him.

These argued that Mutabazi is only being cast aside because he is a poor dad. Had it been a rich dad, his going with son to Dubai would not have been looked at as selfish etc etc. Well cut it out, Mutabazi is only hiding under the umbrella of a very responsible parent to sneak into his child’s benefits, at the same time, using his recently forced upon authority to blackmail those who serve the son’s interests.

Those arguing in his favour therefore, are either so forgetful, or by standards are what we call situational debators, they never put context and history to reason.

In the build up to Fresh Kid’s going to school, Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi gave an earful to the same man, who adamantly (I want to believe he had his parental head with him) told the minister that, the child should be left to perform because, he is now the breadwinner and is helping him with some money.

The minister rebuked Mutabazi for making his child a cash cow at seven years of age, but Mutabazi was not yet done, he lamented that there was no way he would survive if Fresh Kid joined and went to school religiously……… that is now a father?

Fresh Kid’s mother has also come up time and again and accused Mutabazi of abandoning the family and only falling back on his responsibilities after noticing the singer comes with benefits.

Well this is a family matter and we cannot rely on it for debate, but still that says a lot about who he is a family man.

After the minister managed to wrestle Fresh Kid to school, the singer’s father became a tag along and with him he came with a huge rosary around his neck. He has been around the child now, claiming that he is a far better father and manager.

Fresh Kid came to the limelight, thanks to his managers who kept moving him up and down. During all this time, the father was no where to be seen. At one time, the singer and manager were asked where the parents of Fresh Kid were; they answer; Gyebali eyo (they are there).

Fresh Kid appeared on NBS TV at least 4 times, Bukedde TV a number of times, in bars and at UMA comedy event late in the night, without his NOW very caring father! So, why wasn’t he clamouring for his responsibilities then?

Where was the so called; father-can’t-let-son alone, when the kid was roaming all over the city in the nights like a patrol car?

Where was this very responsible father when the kid was stammering about which school he studies? And telling us ..esomero gyeriri eyo?

Where was this so called father when the kid was running around TV stations with an oversized school uniform of a school he doesn’t even know the name?

Where was this father, when the managers were the ones making an academic assessment of his son?

There is no hiding around, Fresh Kid’s father is only being selfish. He has seen an opportunity and he wants to play the parental card. He doesn’t feel for Fresh Kid, oh may be he does now….he is not interested in protecting him in Dubai, if he is then he has come a little too late. He just wants to be on the plane and watch big lakes through the window, to massage his adult dreams.

For those of us who remember, Fresh Kid’s dad has a lot of proving to do, at least he should not waste his proof on fighting for tickets.

The writer is a private contributor to Nile Post

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