Opinion: Busoga cannot afford to lose Rebecca Kadaga right now

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By Professor Oweyegha Afunadhuula

It has taken some time to bring myself to say something about the health of Busoga’s most prominent export, Rt. Honourable Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

I don’t think it is too much say that Kadaga is one of Uganda’s most notable women leaders who has emerged from Busoga. Her achievements have superseded men of comparable stature in resoluteness, determination, and commitment to see a Busoga rise out of its hopeless situation.

Although I do not belong to NRM, I was too sad to speak before now because I know if Busoga loses Kadaga, the region will sink further into poverty and exploitation.

Of course there are many who hate her because they are convinced she is the one who manoeuvred to have the current Kyabazinga in his seat. But that has been the nature of making Kyabazngas since we moved from President to Kyabazinga in 1935. Kadaga did not invent anything new. She was just lucky that she was on the side that took the day.

Let me take this opportunity to wish this lioness of Busoga quick recovery so that she is back to the square she was when she fell sick.

I would like to see how the so-called Busoga Consortium ends when she is one of its pillars, coming as it did just before the general and presidential elections of 2021. Will it go down the drain as did Luwuliza Kirunda's JIK (Jinja, Iganga, Kamuli) compendium and Specioza Kazibwe's Charter?

Will it get parliamentary approval while she is in the Speaker's Chair, as the vehicle for Busoga's development and transformation?

Will she ensure that there is a clear policy framework for the government to fund it and adequately? Will it get presidential approval? Won't it collapse with collapsing politicians who are its main flulcrum as soon as elections are over?

It is true many people that have  easily taken up ideas such as Busoga Consortium hate questions that tend to decelerate their tempo. But it is always good to formulate good questions rather than provide answers without them.

Once again I pray for the quick recovery of the lioness of Busoga, Rt Honourable Rebecca Kadaga. Let friend and foe pray for the lioness of Busoga. We have no immediate  replacement of the lioness if she leaves Busoga as it is.

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