Does Kaweesi’s girlfriend know who killed him?




Over the last one month, the  media has been awash with stories about the standoff between the military and the police over the girlfriend of the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The stories run that Christine Mbabazi Muhooza has been held hostage for weeks at her home in Lungujja by the military, which also restricts access to the home. Commandos from the police Flying Squad almost exchanged fire with the soldiers from the UPDF.

As the two security wings continued denying this near fatal standoff, Christine Mbabazi outsmarted them—thanks to new age technologies and social media—and sent out video clips to the media houses explaining why she had been taken hostage.

Mbabazi made several strong allegations against senior officers in both the military and the police as being behind the assassination of the late AIGP.

Interestingly, Mbabazi makes it a point to deny head of ISO, Col. Frank Kaka Bagyenda’s allegation that her silence was bought by the IGP Kayihura at a whooping Shs 200 million.

But also stresses that she knows the real murderers of her boyfriend.

Mbabazi mentions several high ranking officers in the army and the police who she actually says killed her late lover.

Sources say that the reason why the security operatives held her hostage because she has useful information concerning the death of the late.

The fact that none of the mentioned individuals has come out to explain this woman’s statements is revealing since, from the goings around her, she is not dismissible as a wayward woman.

My concern is twofold: Firstly, as a Muslim concerned about the arrests of my brothers, and absolute abuse of their families, I am disturbed by the activity around Christine Mbabazi’s house, and her allegations.

Just for the interest senior officers and the media have had in her, I am inclined to take her allegations seriously.

Why all the security focus on this lonely woman—and the near VIP treatment of a slanderer! Because she is neither a slanderer nor a simple lonely woman.

Now, is it not curious that she does not mention any Muslims in the murder like the police did while arresting our brothers?

Clearly, they have tortured and forced to confess for having killed Afande Kaweesi in order for police to cover up their misdeeds! What kind of movie are we in?

Recall Maj Muhammad Kiggundu’s murder.

On 8 August 2017, the Daily Monitor broke the story in which a police constable in the names of Jane Nyirarukundo alleges that she knew who killed Major Kiggundu.

She went ahead to even reveal the secret meetings before the murder was carried out, including recordings on her phone.

She even narrated the entire plan of the murder, the time they departed to execute the mission, the rifles used, the motorcycles used and even the sack of money they returned with after the mission.

However, after the story appearing in the press, police at first, refuted the allegations saying that the woman wasn’t in her proper mental state. Later the same police made a U-turn and responded noting that it had investigated the matter and arrested the culprits who were yet to be produced in court.

Two days, later the same daily published a story that police had arrested two of the suspects that Ms. Nyirarukundo was pointing at, however they declined to mention their names.

To this day, the whereabouts of the arrested remain unknown.

As this movie unfolds, four Muslim leaders who were never mentioned in Ms. Nyirarukundo missive are battling with charges of murdering Maj. Kiggundu.

These include Shiekh Yahaya Mwanje, Musa Sekandi, Abdul-wahab Buyondo and Muhammad Ssendagire.

These have been in prison since November of 2016, they were denied bail, and the trial has not started for almost a year later. In my previous writings, I have narrated the suffering of their families.

This then brings me to my second concern, the abuse of the law with total impunity.

As a Ugandan, it concerns me (and should concern all other Ugandans) that the Ugandan security forces are in such disharmony and disarray to the point of almost exchanging fire.

How does such a disorganized force deal with the security challenges in the country: Women murders, iron bar hitmen, bijambiya squads, boda-boda thugs under 2010, all of whom are claimed to be terrorizing Ugandans under the auspices of the police, etc.

As Muslims suffer under this anarchy, all Ugandans ought to see this as a dent on their collective conscience.

The author is the spokesperson for Nakasero Mosque.

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