Opinion: Up to when will most young people wait to be leaders of tomorrow?

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Uganda's youth and all young people across the globe have been fed on false hope and indoctrination of you are leaders of tomorrow. This has been our ray of hope generation after generation. But the fundamental question is until when should young people wait for tomorrow?

It's important for a country to have more young people evolve as leaders and letting them involve in the nitty gritty of decision making at all levels including the National level.

One thing you will find funny in my Country is a President will consult the elders forum, Inter religious Council, Workers unions etc but at what point will you my dear President Consult us as young people. Even when the decision will have long term effects on us a young generation when elders are long gone.

You have put up several initiatives to tackle youth related problems but these have achieved little success because such initiatives as the ones you have created are led by elderly men and women. These gamble with solutions to problems that are generations apart. When shall we ever be given chance to champion the fight against problems that affect us as a young generation?

Majority of the young people in Uganda are tired of continuously being talked about and all their efforts towards being leaders frustrated.

We don't need more initiatives but chance to lead or champion our cause. It's Uganda that loses if majority of her young people remain a wasted resource.

Let's have improved policies that will create an enabling economic, political and social environment for the young people. Do not frustrate our efforts.

I have consulted a number of young people and we have decided to set up a mechanism that we shall use to fast track  our leaders promises.  At the highest level we shall set up the "MUSEVENI METER" which we shall use to track all the President's promises since 1986.

We encourage young people countrywide to set up such meters for leaders at whatever level to have them openly account for the false promises.

We shall then make the findings public for everyone to debate and arrive at a proper decision ahead of the 2021 polls.

Balance the Boat Mr President

Gerald Baganzi

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