OPINION: Its a black lie; there is nothing patriotic about the Patriotic League of Uganda

OPINION: Its a black lie; there is nothing patriotic about the Patriotic League of Uganda
Robert Kigongo.

By Robert Kigongo.

Lately, I asked Kiberu Malik (not his real names) an ardent political commentator subscribing to Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s political pressure group recently rebranded from MK Movement the first son of President Yoweri Museveni who has desires to succeed his father as President of Republic of Uganda.

A one tax commuter operator commented that Muhoozi cannot become president unless his father Museveni will not be on ballot paper in 2026, for this is just a lie, that Mzee is not coming back.

Similarly, other workout colleagues at the gym unanimously in an open statement they stated that’s a “black lie” there is absolutely nothing patriotic about the patriotic league of Uganda.

Another female colleague urged that’s the same kleptomaniacs shelling in PLU from MK Movement are the same very people that have been in Power and in corridors of power for the last 40 years under NRM and NRA there is absolutely nothing new, it’s just old wine in a new bottle.

The background of such groups is “fear” about the uncertainties,growing tensions from NRM loyalists and beneficiaries about the future of Uganda after President Museveni as a result of his 40 years long grip on power.

Despite the Court of Appeal reaffirmation that it’s illegal for a serving UPDF soldier to participate in any partisan election before being discharged by the military as report in all newspapers and social media platforms are one and same NRM beneficiaries still continue with impunity to blow trumpets for military generation to continue engaging in Partisan politics an act that is unlawful and unpatriotic in all its dimensions.

The cardinal duty of any patriot regardless of his political subscription is to obey the laws of the  land unfortunately the PLU reformers have vehemently rebuked all these laws to their own selfishness and opportunism at the expense of protecting the Constitution of Uganda.

I remember when Mugisha Gregory Muntu,David Tinyefunza Sejjusa and Tumukunde Henry did the same offenses it led to law implications and court martial trials however for Gen.Muhoozi continues to engage in similar partisan political commentaries on his Twitter handles and Organisation which sometimes has caused a diatribe in society.

Given the statistics that Africa is suffering from “strong man syndrome” where military men continue to be preferred over civilians which justifies the Statement that “Africa has built strong men instead of strong institutions, they by many of unpatriotic nations have continued to side kick Constitutionalism despite having the Constitution on paper.

What puzzles us as sober citizens is that the same group of people who have long been at the helm of administration and in corridors of power, don’t trust civilians that they can equally have abilities and capabilities to be presidents and stir the nation to greater heights as if they don’t recognise William Ruto in Kenya,Tsekedi in DRC,Samia sulu in Tanzania.

I find it extremely unpatriotic for members of NRM under the a new reformation of PLU that civilians can not rule Uganda even though they have been in trained Patriotism and NRM ideology in Kyankwanzi.

One of the most unpatriotic act is seeing the same members of parliament who participated in removing the age limit and term limits which was an act of dismantling the constitution safe guards against life presidency.

How can such legislators who engaged in removing all constitutional safe guards come out and tell us that they are part of patriots?

The cardinal duty of legislators is to uphold and protect the constitution; therefore it’s very unpatriotic to engage in breaking of the constitution and laws of the land.

It’s opportunistic and unpatriotic for such leaders to tell us that they are patriotic!

A patriot is someone who is not corrupt but some of these members have been implicated in corruption scandals and industrial scale looting and plundering of natural resources.

It’s also a black lie to convince us that you will end corruption, human rights violations, torture and abductions, land grabbing by just changing a log on shirts when they are the same very persons who has been at the helm of the same system and administration running day to day business, influencing all top executive appointments and decisions.

Ideally the self-proclaiming patriotic would be strengthening the parent NRM political party by shading light on its achievements and sharing the burden of its failures, unfortunately they are playing topical African politics were elites regroup to continue with the same vices and controlling national resource purse and nature resources.

The worst part is the down fall of strong men has always been the down fall of nations that are eventually exposed to civil wars, political turmoil, economic setbacks and foreign inventions.

One of the unwritten objective of changing governments or power transition is to close the inequality gaps between the very rich and very poor in society.

The NRM beneficiaries and loyalists after 40 years have garnered and accumulated a lot of immense wealth through government fat jobs, supply contracts, tax evasion this is even justified by the recent reports of Equal opportunities commission 2023 and UBOS poverty index report 2022 and UNDP’s Human index value Report 2023 for Uganda.

The change of leadership swinging from one part of Uganda to other parts will definitely close the inequities and gloss in equality gaps.

Unfortunately the Same rich people and offspring’s unpatriotically wish to continue to be in control of these nation resources which will widen the inequality gaps.

Sadly, such groups come with sugar coated black lies to manipulate the illiterate, politically naive peasants like the tax commuter operator to join the new reformations.

The idea that they are for the younger people across different social statuses is also a black lie because the younger people they have are one and the same as those in NRM youth league structures, sons and daughters of NRM government and security officials.

My worry, we should concern all sound minded Ugandans is besides Uganda shifting towards a dictatorship similar to that of North Korea.

Such pressure groups end up attracting all sorts lawbreakers, impatient self-seekers who economically and politically sabotage the mandate seating president and his administration for effective service delivery, in worse case scenarios orchestrating coups of democratically elected governments.

In conclusion, it’s prudent and precautious upon sober, conscious citizens that basically nothing new with the patriotic league of Uganda because for now it’s a black lie.

Robert Kigongo is a democracy hunter and an advocate of peace, justice and strong institutions 


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