OPINION: What Samson Kasumba has learned from Rebecca Kadaga book

OPINION: What Samson Kasumba has learned from Rebecca Kadaga book
NBS TV anchor Samson Kasumba

Happy new year from yours truly. New years come with resolutions many of which never last past the second week of the year in which we pledge to live a new life under the recognition that the old life was not anywhere near the best we can be and the best we were made to be.

That said, I have to be honest that I am resolving to read more than I have in the last few years. Reading I now must because I am combing off the dust in preparation for life as a student which I think needs must happen. I am uncomfortable with the idea that the last time I was in a school for any academic award is 2010. That is fourteen years ago and by my standards a very long time. I am not judging anyone here and certainly not you the reader. We each come by and live by a different standard.

Speaker Rebecca KadagaRebecca Kadaga has enjoyed a long and distinguished public career

I am reading a book by Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga : The Pathway to Greatness. I think it is a great book to read from what I have read so far. It is helping me reflect on a few things and ponder on much else. She speaks of Thomas Edison in one of her illustrations. I have this habit as I read books when something illuminates my mind, I place the book down, think then I write whatever inspiration that point of the book has brought to me. This is exactly what has happened.

Let us leave Kadaga’s book and stay with that American inventor who happened to live in the right time. Thomas Edison was clear he had discovered 1000 ways that do not work. Let me argue that the greatest discovery of Thomas Edison was not the light bulb big a discovery as it was. His biggest discovery was the 1000 ways that do not work! That took time and patience as well as perseverance.

I am not sure he would have found the light bulb if he had not made those 1000 other discoveries. We do not have the patience to tarry on and go through relentlessly after what does not work because that is also a necessary discovery.

How many people I know have failed to discover what works because they were thrown off course by the discovery of what does not work. I want you for a second to imagine how many memes of Thomas and his experiment would have been on the internet today had Thomas lived today.

Young people, who have no invention of their own, would have made fun of him each day after his every experiment. I am sure after the light bulb these young people would post noting because the fun is not in what works but making fun of what does not work…

We live in very strange age where being second is a subject of mockery and ridicule and not celebration. When did being second out of 20 become some a bad thing to be? I am sure those who are second know what does not work and go back better placed to exclude that out of the mix as they try again.

They may discover more of what does not work before they ever come first at all. That be as it may they are still very much on the path way to greatness. We are decoyed by social media that there is a possibility of going up and staying up by jumping!

This was such a lovely insight by Rt. Hon. Kadaga in her book. I read this and the thought of what it meant left me giggling and wondering. Yes when you jump you momentarily go up for a few. Some force strong as that force may be may project you up but that is unsustainable. I am here wishing luck to those looking for a force to project them up before 2026…I hope you remain up!

Look at those the force projected up and find out if they have remained up!

We needs must discover many things that do now work in 2024 and that will not be a waste of time. I am sure there are many things that the author of the book I am reading knows not to work now that she is in the evening of such a long and distinguished career in private and public life.

I am setting out to meet those who have lived long to find from them the things that they used to think work but they now know for sure not to work…


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