OPINION: Why do you need to show us you are powerful with arrogant behaviour?

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Hello to all of you who enjoy reading from my scattered mind. I have not been here for a bit because I keep trying to find what to write that will help develop us while at the same time not leaving my beautiful girls fatherless albeit for days or months. Now that I have that balance right, let me pour out my mind here.

There is a very special blessing that is meted out by our lord to the pure in spirit and the meek.  I have proper and perhaps very pure intentions of asking what wrong did Jesus find with the arrogant and pompous? Who really loves the arrogant if one were to inquire? Do the arrogant even know that they have a distasteful behaviour probably abhorred by more than a few?

I can tell you that one of the main reasons of the bush war was the arrogance of the soldiers of the regimes gone by. The feeling the once you wore the uniform you can use it to bully, abuse, grab property and intimidate the wanaichi! 

Why do soldiers feel the need to place a military jacket visibly on the back of their car seat? Is it because if it is hidden in the safety of their car boot they cant drive safely home or to their offices?

I am old enough to know and remember that my primary school mates used to be brought to school accompanied by anti-aircraft guns mounted on Land Rovers. I have seen power and its performance here on a grand scale! That did not stop them loosening their grip on power and eventually losing it all together?

Who do you need to understand that you have power? Who is this one person who does not already know given that you wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles? Why is there this growing need to visibly perform power after 37 years of holding it? Do you not feel that you actually hold it? Why do you want to give us the impression that your grip in it is loosening after all this is not how you behaved in the early years of your hold on it even though you had Lakwena and Kony to fight still? Do you have any doubts that you have power these days?

I have plenty reservations with a parent who finds the burning need to remind his own children that he is their father or mother constantly intimidating and asking his children: Do you not know that I am your father? When and if this happens, the children are seldom the problem. It may be true that the parent is suffering large shortfalls in self-esteem and personal self-confidence.

Let me be very honest with you I do not know why I find no need in letting all and sundry know that I am Samson Kasumba, a news anchor of NBS Television.

What this nation needs more than anything else that is abundantly in short supply is meekness.

I have lived in Kampala for the last 49 years and I know when I see things that I saw during the Obote days. Do not even try telling me that there is a difference because some of you have not been in Kampala that long enough to know how bad things were in this town. You joined us recently and that is not a crime.

Please calm down already and take a chill pill.

You just have to understand that you lose nothing treating everyone else as a bonafide citizen who has every right to enjoy Uganda as you govern it or rule it whichever way you choose. What is so difficult letting us know that on Tuesday next week there will be an event in Kololo and roads there will be blocked for security reasons so that citizens plan early their journeys? Not doing so and blocking roads because you can is arrogant and disrespectful to regular Ugandans.

 We are slowly losing the idea that being respectful of regular Ugandans is very much a part of professionalism and great etiquette in every profession.

I wont even lose sleep after telling you the Obotes’ behaved the way they did because at some point it got into their heads that losing power was not remotey possible. In Uganda the moment you start to think that you cant lose power, a massive  step has been taken towards losing it. You may laugh since you at first you think this is a joke…

May the good Lord speak to your hearts before you choose arrogance over understanding that this message is in very good faith and taste and that I am not a man whose wings need some more trimming to size, that was already done as you may remember.

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