Opinion: Humility and Gen Muhoozi belong together


By Dr. Pontian Kabeera

Celebrating the magnificent life of the country’s gallant statesman continues across the country.

Accurately speaking, the outpouring messages sent to the general transcends absolute respect but also a signal of love and a declaration of servant leadership in this fine-looking republic.

While all remains sweet to the appreciative citizens, what is actually outstanding in all the messages is

his “General’s” humility.

His innate abilities to bend low to even his juniors but more important the ordinary populace is what sets him apart. When the last time was a leader, any leader, let alone a business leader, was much-admired or commended for his or her humility?

Well, within the outpouring messages was the “general of our generation”, I want to category reason with this assertion.

When I completed my PhD in June 2020, I was so happy, very excited, however within that particular moment, a call for a walk and talk with my Professor was received.

During the walk and talk, Prof. Lauren educated me profoundly on the virtues of humility especially in today’s world of work.

On this very note, Gen Muhoozi’s humility is a hallmark of his leadership success.

Well, I have not met him physically but researchers such as (Guba, 1990) constantly reminds us of “truth” as a result of numerous mental construct that is anchored on narrations and experiences.

That said, time, narrations and experiences has been and remains my primary learning platforms where incontrovertible truth is arrived at.

When you combine humility and leadership, you get the concept of servant leadership.

While servant leadership may function well in the religious or charitable sectors, it is not a concept that

had wedged on the political sphere in the 21st  century.

However for the last 20 and above years Gen Muhoozi has served and continues to serve his country with incontestable love and commitment.

He is very articulate on the issues of national importance more so in regards to security and he does it with the desire to guarantee peace and ascertain sustainable growth in his alma-mater (motherland).

Gen Muhoozi’s approach to leadership is anchored on service beyond self.

It is actually said that Gen Muhoozi is always on duty to guarantee sustainable peace in Uganda.

Well, while scholars and other social media platforms are increasingly recognizing the importance of humility in a leader, humility despite of its significance remains at the fringe of the desired characteristics for a leader more-so in the general populace and this is mainly due to human expectations of a leader or because of what the term represents in a particular culture.

As a result as new word, neohumility has been established to better define humility and its application to leadership.

In fact researchers such as “Sonnenfeld” remarks that “We have an obligation to teach the next generation of leaders a view of leadership that is based on strength and humility rather than heroism and infallibility”.

I therefore congratulate Gen Muhoozi for this milestone in terms of age and also thank him for being an exemplary leader.

Salute Afande. Happy birthday

Pontian Kabeera (PhD)


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