Mr President, thanks but retire


Mr President, I am a Ugandan young man born in your era. I am not sure whether you use social media. 

To be honest, the newspapers cannot release this letter.

Every Ugandan knows why.

I am also convinced that if you try to ask about such a letter, you will receive an edited version rendering the intention of the same redundant.

These threats actually invigorate thernneed to scribe to you

We, the country have learnt with utter shock the devilish orotund plan of changing the age limit clause in the Ugandan Holy book, the Constitution

Mr. Museveni, let me remind you what you already know.

When society is hopeless, it applies the law of the jungle.

Eat or be eaten.

To be open to you, retire and save the country

We, as countrymen and countrywomen, cannot with sarcasm negate the efforts rendered by our forefathers some of whom paid the ultimate price to buildrnthe country we so much love.

The reasons that pushed you in the bush have been exceeded at the very watch

You may brush off my appeal.

By the way, I am sure there are people ill advising you to cling onto power.

This is because, they are worried of a Uganda without you.

If you are wise enough, you should be able to know that the longer you stay, the more insecure they become.

I am sure in early 1990, no one of them thought insecure as most of your right hand men and women are these days

As a mature politician, you should know simple basics.

Eaters will always clap hands for you.

Actually, they can do anything, I mean anything tornensure that you stay in power.

I am indeed not sure whether I will breath freely in the next few days.

But even if I stop, everyone reading this must the next day after my ascension preach the gospel of political democracy and freedom stronger and more resolute

Because you can pass gas without making it sound, it does not stop it from smelling.

Actually, if anyone thinks Ugandans are politically impotent, this bad intentioned move will act as a political Viagra for them to wakernup and deal with the enemies of this country

Surely, by 2021 it will be your 35th year holding that office.

Did you makernan agreement with Jesus not to leave power until he returns?rn

Don't make fool of yourself by saying people will decide.

Elections arerngames.

You may play a rough game and have the artificial majority endorsing your stay but don't think you are the best.

Kindly leave power

Please leave power

I have not lived so long like you.

Truly I didn't get a chance to see the 1980 elections in which you were a disappointing candidate.

However, God blessed me to see the 2016 elections.

Allow me whisper a secret to you, people mourned.

For me who was on the ground, I know how your rallies were mobilised.

It is not your fault you were deceived that you have crowds.

They were highly paid poor Ugandans looking for survival

You won by riding on the back of the tiger

Now that you are daring to change the age limit clause, I am not a prophet but ending in the inside of the tiger seems to be the direction

To those who are going to be paid heavily to sell our future, the public court, has already recruited ample judges.

Get ready

Lastly, you have seen three or four presidents of Tanzania assume or handover office since 1986.

Also, you have seen a whopping number (eight)rnof USA presidents assume or handover office since 1988

Before I go, let me thank you for monitoring social media.

At least I am sure that there is a person who has read this.

Thank you again.

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