Nabbanja delivers relief to Kayunga flood victims, amidst Kalangwa, Nantaba verbal wars

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By Herbert Sseryazi 

The government through the Office of the Prime Minister plans to resettle over 2000 people displaced by floods in Bbaale County Kayunga district resulting from the rising water levels in Lake Kyoga and River Ssezibwa.

The most affected people are from Ntimba, Kawongo landing, Kampatanya, Kyedikyo in Galiraya sub-county, where all people's gardens and houses were submerged by water.

The road that leads to Kawongo Landing site was cut off, one has to use a 45 minutes boat cruise in order to access the landing site.

Residents say it's very expensive because there is only one boat that was provided by the district and it's not for free, other boats are privately owned and they charge highly.

On Friday, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja met the flood victims at Kyedikyo and Kawongo in Kayunga district and assured them that the government will soon find land to resettle them.

Her office donated 1000 bags of Sugar, 500 tarpaulins, 500 Jerrycans, 500 Mosquito Nets, and 500 iron sheets. Nabbanja handed over the items to the Kayunga leaders and cautioned them on transparency while disposing off the relief to affected persons.

"Please leaders deliver these items with transparency, I want them to reach the real beneficiaries" Nabbanja cautioned.

In between the function there sparked a war of words between politicians Aidah Nantaba and the Kayunga district NRM chairperson Moses Kalangwa, a thing that disappointed the prime minister Nabbanja.

While Hon. Nabbanja was addressing the issue of land Nantaba Grabbed the mic and said;

"Hon prime minister let's swiftly procure the land before the thief (Kalangwa) wakes up because he is here, he is in the tent seated," Nantaba said.

Kalangwa grabbed the mic and thanked the office of the prime minister and Nabbanja for practically following the relief on the ground because some politicians like Nantaba have been using this for her own political benefits, she has been deceiving masses that this consignment is from her being bought by herself.

Kayunga LC 5 chairperson Joel Kayiira alleged that, in the first consignment the OPM sent, Nantaba distributed all the food and sugar amongst her supporters leaving out the affected people.

"These people are fighting me because I did not allow them to distribute the food relief themselves, the food was lobbied by me therefore it was my obligation to distribute it" Nantaba reacted.

Aisha Ssekindi the state Minister for Water and environment grabbed the mic and lashed out at Nantaba for being a warmonger.

"Please honorable, we are not here to listen to such issues, there is a right platform for you people to address your differences, we are here to address the problems of the people of Bbaale not to intervene in your fights," Ssekindi said.

Hon. Nabbanja advised leaders in Kayunga to put politics aside and serve the suffering people, Nabbanja promised three boats to ease transport and they are going to be free of charge.

She has tasked leaders in Kayunga District to work closely with her office to ensure that the resettlement plan is worked on.

"I am going to send government valuers to this land and to the landlord Harriet Namaganda such that we find a way of buying off this land beginning with 300 acres in phase one."

Nabbanja warned people who are intending to take over the disputed central reserve forest of Bbajjo, in the name of resettling the affected people.

"That land is gazetted to the forest we cannot allow people to stay there, whoever goes there shall be evicted". She warned.

The Bbaale county member parliament Charles Tebandeke hailed the prime minister for the consignment she delivered to the affected people.

Tebandeke however faulted the government for delaying to fulfill its promises of tarmacking the Bbaale Kayunga road and providing them with a ferry that links people to the northern region.

In 2019 Floods cut off the Kawongo Landing site from the rest of the villages up to now, the flood victims are stuck in churches and schools, others sought refuge at Kyedikyo internally displaced camp.

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