Mwijukye insists "rebel" FDC delegates conference will take place today

In a bold and contentious move, Francis Mwijukye, the Deputy Treasurer of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), announced today that the party's Extraordinary Delegates Conference in Busabala would proceed, despite a court injunction.

Mwijukye, a prominent figure in the faction organizing the conference, made this declaration and unleashed a flurry of allegations, sparking a political storm within the opposition party.

Mwijukye claimed that the halt to the conference had been premeditated, alleging that the party's Secretary General, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, and President Patrick Amuriat had actively sought to obstruct the event from the beginning.

"Going back to the history of this delegates conference, Nandala called it illegal on the basis of not being consulted even before the court did. They spoke openly and said it won't happen and then wrote to the police." Mwijukye stated.

The FDC Deputy Treasurer further asserted that the party leadership had found no legal avenue to stop the conference except through obtaining a court injunction.

"The three persons who petitioned the court are Nandala's personal assistants, and they sued the Secretary General Nandala and President Amuriat. The same individuals who are against the delegates conference, it was clear collusion," Mwijukye claimed.

In a startling revelation, Mwijukye alleged a potential conflict of interest, stating that Justice Esther Nambayo, who handled a record nine cases concerning the FDC, including the injunction against the "Birigwa's" Extraordinary Delegates Conference, is Nandala's niece.

Mwijukye did not stop there; he also criticized the recently held swearing-in of newly elected leaders within the party.

"I have a problem with the party leadership, who under the watch of lawyers, swear in new leaders before the term of the current leadership expires, which was extended for another three years during COVID, thus expiring in October," he declared.

In response to these allegations, Counsel Nsibambi Yusuf, the FDC Party Whip, expressed his concerns.

He emphasized that the Elders' Forum had not been consulted about any issues, and regarding allegations of financial impropriety, he pointed out that a report had been discussed by a national party organ.

Nsibambi warned that if the faction proceeded with the delegates conference, the meeting and its resolutions would be deemed illegal and non-binding.

"You don't address issues by emotions and sentiments, all the issues can be addressed in a meeting you are party to, and resolutions can be passed by the National Council. Why cause this drama and crisis?" Nsibambi added.

Mwijukye, on the other hand, remained steadfast in his stance, asserting that their faction was seeking to liberate the party before the country.

The unfolding drama within the FDC promises to have significant ramifications for the party's future as tensions rise between rival factions.

The Extraordinary Delegates Conference in Busabala, scheduled to proceed despite legal obstacles, is poised to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for control within the opposition party.

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