Next Media reaffirms commits tom promises in wake of successful UB40 ft Ali Campbell concert

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Next Media reaffirms commits tom promises in wake of successful UB40 ft Ali Campbell concert
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In the wake of the resounding success of the UB40 featuring Ali Campbell concert, Next Media has reaffirmed its dedication to fulfilling its promises, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey as NBS commemorated 15 years of excellence in producing balanced content.

The concert, which took place last week on Saturday 2nd captivated audiences and garnered widespread anticipation, drawing a multitude of dignitaries, including the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa, Ministers, members of Parliament, and CEOs of various companies.

This star-studded affair served as a platform for NBS to express gratitude to its stakeholders and partners who have supported its endeavors over the past 15 years.

Joe Kigozi, the Deputy CEO of Next Media Group, emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability and its impact on the country's development through initiatives such as tree planting.

"Next Media Group remains dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact on Uganda's development," stated Kigozi.

Highlighting the concert's positive impact on Uganda's tourism industry and international image, Kigozi extended gratitude to the board, partners, and his team for their unwavering support and contributions.

"We are grateful to our stakeholders, partners, and dedicated team for their invaluable support in making events like the UB40 concert a success," said Kigozi.

As part of its 15th-anniversary celebrations, Next Media Group launched a 15-million-tree planting initiative and introduced scholarship awards, symbolizing its commitment to environmental conservation and educational causes.

"Through initiatives like the tree planting campaign and scholarship awards, Next Media Group aims to contribute to environmental sustainability and educational empowerment," remarked Kigozi.

With the success of the UB40 concert and the commemoration of its 15th anniversary, Next Media Services looks forward to continuing its journey of excellence while remaining steadfast in its commitment to fulfilling its promises and driving positive change in Uganda

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