KCCA forced to suspend sitting over holidaying councillors

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KCCA forced to suspend sitting over holidaying councillors
City Hall in Kampala, the sit of KCCA | Courtesy

The Kampala Capital City Authority council meetings continue to flop as several councillors ditch their duties for greener pastures, with some reportedly having fled the country after being sworn-in.

But the same councillors continue to draw salaries from the public coffers.

City Speaker Zahara Luyirika was on Tueasday forced to adjourn the council after failing to raise the necessary quorum.

The council, which comprises 54 councillors including the Lord Mayor, requires a minimum of 27 members for a sitting to happen.

However, only 12 councillors turned up for Tuesday's sitting.

Reports indicate that some of the councillors who did not turn up for the meeting abandoned their duties to go abroad, some of them as far back as two years ago.

In September last year, Speaker Luyirika wrote to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago saying councillors were away on study and medical leave.

"These people are on leave and they followed the due process," Luyirika wrote on September 5.

On September 8, 2023, KCCA executive director Dorothy Kisaka moved that the AWOL councillors’ seats be declared vacant.

However, the proposal was opposed by State minister for Kampala Kabuye Kyofatogabye, who argued that the missing councillors were away on official leave.

Engineer David Luyimbazi told Nile Post that the onus to prove that they are on study leave is up to them.

"If they do it then we shall reinstate them," he said.

The said councillors, who are said to be more than 30 - including those from other divisions like Rubaga, Makindye, Kawempe and central division - petitioned Minister Kyofatogabye after KCCA blocked their salaries.

The minister sided with the councillors.

Each of the councillors earns Shs3.5 million per month, drawn from the consolidated fund.

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