Hima says their Fundi masonry cement will solve your construction needs

Hima Cement Ltd launched Fundi Masonry Cement last week with a pledge to continue meeting construction needs in the country and the region.

Fundi Masonry Cement itself came as a result of Hima Cement Ltd listening to concerns of builders and masons who had asked for a product with enhanced capabilities for masonry and plaster works.

The newest product on Hima’s long list of construction products is good for use in plastering, brick and block laying, rendering, stucco, screeding, pointing, and repair works.

During the launch at the company’s premises located in the Namanve Industrial Park, Hima Cement country CEO Jean-Michel Pons noted that Fundi Cement was an expression of the company’s commitment to “providing innovative solutions for specific construction needs.”

For all the works in which it is used, Fundi Masonry Cement seeks to deal with challenges such as mortar wastage, difficult in mixing, water loss and the general questions to do with quality.

When correctly used, Fundi Cement will guarantee the following results for both construction workers and project owners:

Improved plasticity

Fundi Cement has the ability to cling on placement and slide smoothly off the trowel during application, leading to less mortar wastage and improved workmanship.

Better workability means that builders are able to get value for their money since there is reduced wastage.

Mixing & Application

The product is also easy to mix and apply. Construction workers will use less time to mix Fundi Cement compared to other cement products on the market.

Good board life during application

When construction workers use Fundi Cement, the mortar remains plastic or workable for a reasonable time to enable them execute the job at whatever atmospheric conditions on site.

Water retention

Fundi cement has been made with excellent water holding abilities during application (board life), hence preventing uncontrolled water loss.


Fundi Cement has the ability to ensure strong bonds between the bricks and blocks.


Fundi Cement limits efflorescence – the process by which salting leads to expansive weakening and peeling of bottom wall plastering.

By doing this, the cement product ensures that walls last longer giving customers value for their money, than those built with other cement products, which require repair after a very short period of time.

Smooth finishes

The cement is finely ground to guarantee smooth plaster finishes.  The construction sector, like many other industries, largely depend on innovation that is hinged on research that seeks to understand client’s challenges, then setting out to solve them.


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