State fears Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, 34 others may instigate riots if released

The state has expressed fears that Robert Kyagulanyi’s singing partner, Ali Bukeni also known as Nubian Li and the head of his personal bodyguards Eddy Ssebufu also known as Eddie Mutwe might instigate riots if released on bail.

The army prosecutors led by Capt.Ambrose Guma on Monday asked the General Court Martial not to grant bail to Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe and 34 others after expressing security fears.

“The group was recently involved in violent protests and on arrest, they became violent towards police officers. They are therefore likely to incite protests if granted bail,”Guma said citing an affidavit by Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police, Peter Wetaka, one of the investigators in the group’s case.

On the allegations of being tortured after arrest, the state prosecutors dismissed the claims saying it is baseless.

The army prosecutors advised court that it would be wise that the group is kept in custody.

However, the group’s lawyers led by Anthony Wameli dismissed the claims by the state as baseless, noting that there is no evidence to prove the same.

“It is evident that the person who swore the affidavit is a mere investigating officer who didn’t participate in the arrest or is in custody of the accused. He, therefore, can’t claim that they were violent,” Wameli said.

The lawyer also noted that the army prosecutors have failed to prove that the accused had been involved in violent protests in the past.

“Their allegations are very speculative yet court can’t work on speculations and assumptions,”Wameli said before asking court to grant bail to the accused.

The General Court Martial chairman, Lt Gen Andrew Gutti said he would deliver his ruling on bail on Monday, February 15, 2021.


The group that was arrested in December from Kalangala during Kyagulanyi’s campaigns is accused of illegal possession of ammunition.

Prosecution alleges that all the 49 suspects and others still at large on January 3, at Makerere Kavule Kigundu zone, were found in possession of four rounds of ammunition which is a monopoly of the defense forces.


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