Head & Heart exhibition shows creativity goes on despite Coronavirus setback 

Appropriately named “Head & Heart,” the Seyna Art Gallery exhibition slated for Saturday, January 30 is probably the best start to 2021. 

The exhibition curated by celebrated Dutch artist Cornelis Rijken (artcornelis.com) is the culmination of a four week masterclass the painter and sculptor has been teaching. 

Eleven artists will be showcasing their work in Head & Heart at Seyna Art Gallery which is located on Entebbe road. The art gallery on Lutembe Beach road, about one kilometre from Namulanda will open its doors to art lovers from 10:00am to 4:00pm everyday. 

Head & Heart exhibition will be running from January 30 to 28th February, 2021. 

The artists will showing to the public the fruits of several weeks training from the Rijken masterclass. Instead of student reproductions of past great works, Rijken challenged the artists and himself to create original work that resonates with them and what they are going through at the moment. 

Working alongside Rijken and continuing on their own, all paintings reflect personal stories of each individual artist coming from their heart through the head on canvas. They were encouraged to bring out their own interpretation of not just their heart’s feelings but also to fearlessly sketch on canvas or experiment with any material that best expresses their art. 

The artists were asked to devote 6-days per week to create their artpiece, including the preparation of their canvas with wooden frames, cotton fabric and primer paint. 

The visitors will see the final artworks on canvas and a selection of studies on board, plus a video which captures the full creative process.

On this occasion Seyna Art Gallery will also launch its new Fashion Corner with a brand new collection of Designer Justine Nanyondo, Head of NIAAD Fashion Department. 

There will also be a LIVE streaming aired on social media. You can watch in real time on Facebook

1. Seyna Art Gallery.

2. Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design.

- a virtual tour will be online on the website by 29th of January, 2021. (Pre-opening).





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