Kayihura, Tumukunde should solve their differences like Mbabazi and I- Otafiire

The rift between the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura and the Minister for Security Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde is not only a concern of Ugandans but also top government ministers and president Museveni.

Commenting on the alleged rift between the two, the Minister for Justice and constitutional affairs Major Gen Kahinda said it’s unfortunate that the two Generals have decided to show their dirty linen in public.

He said by the generals publicising their grievances, it  will not only taint their names but also the image of the Institutional they work hence advising them to sit and resolve their misunderstandings.

Otafiire says the two Generals should copy his way of style on how he resolved his personal conflict with the former Premier and former Secretary General of the ruling Party Amama Mbabazi.

“I hear some fraternal quarrel between Gen Tumukunde and General Kayihura, I think it’s something like individuals having differences, unfortunately they put it in the open. We have differences, I had differences with Mbabazi but we never put it in press, we were civilised,” Otafiire.

“If you find two people working together and they agree about everything, then one of them is a fool, differences happen at every workplace but these are quarrelling over not so serious matters,” he added

President Yoweri Museveni last week for the first time spoke out on the rift between the police and the army.

The fight between the two agencies became more pronounced last year when they clashed at the home of Mbabazi Muhoza, a lady believed to be a girlfriend to the slain police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi in Lungujja, Rubaga division in Kampala district.

Museveni said it is wrong for security agencies to be at loggerheads because they are meant to provide security to people.

“They (security agencies) are not the ones fighting but their heads and we shall not allow it,”Museveni said in Luganda while responding to a question from journalists on Wednesday evening.

“This should end because they are meant to fight the enemy and not themselves.”

Meanwhile, despite Otafiire claiming that him and Mbabazi kept their differences from the public, the two ministers always bickered publicly but later brushed it off.

On August 20, 2009, during a party conference in Bushenyi Otafiire told delegates that his war with Mbabazi was “their own personal affair and no one else should join it.” He asked delegates to let him fight Mbabazi alone since they were at the same level.

Mababazi at the same podium would later say that he met Otafiire at Makerere University when he was “needy.” He said Otafiire fought him when he stood for guild presidency but they made up later.

However, the Mbabazi fall out with Museveni only cushioned the fights between the former prime minister and Otafiire.

Otafiire in July, 2015 scoffed at the former prime minister, calling him dishonest and not trustworthy with state power.

Gen Otafiire alleged that the persistent disputes, which have marred previous NRM primaries and the 2011 general election, were Mr Mbabazi’s own creation to satisfy his egocentric interests at the expense of the party.

Otafiire had in earlier publications been quoted pinning Mbabazi for failure to procure medical supplies for their dying colleagues during the bush war. He also dedicated the 2016 campaigns to traverse the country and ensure Mbabazi was discredited.

Mbabazi on the other hand while visiting Otafiire’s constituency in January 2013, thanked residents for throwing out Otafiire who “usually abuses me”.

Following his defeat by Capt (Rtd) Donozio Kahonda, Otafiire said that his defeat was masterminded by Mbabazi.

“It goes to confirm that those fighting me before, now and in future are working for Mbabazi,” Otafiire said.




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