General Tumwine: An old woman developed diarrhea because of news of my death

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwiine has scoffed at social media haters who had pronounced him dead last week.

The no-nonsense minister, while attending the 40th Tarehe Sita Anniversary prayers  at Mbuya Army barracks, told the over 40 invited guests who included cabinet ministers, religious leaders and UPDF friends of how somebody went on social media and posted that he was dead!

Last week, social media platforms and Twitter was awash with reports of the untimely death of one of the Bush War heroes of NRM government Gen Elly Tumwiine.

On learning of the reports, General Tumwine took to his twitter account to dismiss the news and assert he was alive and well.

However, some continued to demand that he appear on national television to prove he was alive.  

While attending the thanksgiving prayers ahead of the Tarehe Sita celebrations, General Tumwine attracted applause as he lambasted those who had wished death upon him.  

Tumwine quipped, “It was good news but short-lived lie and the truth was I was not only alive but very healthy and dynamic".

He went on to give testimonials that, “The love that came out of it I can’t tell you.  An old woman in Bunyoro got diarrhea on hearing the false news of my death. Another one got high blood pressure and another was crying the whole day and even when she heard my voice, she cried even more.” 

Tumwine said, “I experienced so much love from the whole country because it was great news and only those who were exposing their evil mind we should pray for them.” 

Tumwine is widely credited in National Resistance Army (NRA) history as firing the first shot that launched the Bush War. General Tumwine would lose sight in one eye in the same five year conflict.

At the same function, defence minister Adolf Mwesige, the UPDF commandant of defense General David Muhoozi pledged to respect the outcome of next week's general election and urged Ugandans to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

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