RDCs ordered to close schools around country with no licences

Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) have been ordered to enforce the standard operating procedures for private schools that bars schools without licences to operate.

In a document from Deborah Katuramu, secretary of the office of president, a number of private schools have failed to adhere to the call, bringing a question on their capabilities to educate the children of Uganda

'The legal framework is intended to facilitate proper education safety and security of learners,” the statement reads in part.

RDCs have been urged to also convene district security meeting to come up with strategies to ensure that no school operates with out a license.

The ministry of education permanent secretary Alex Kakooza told the Nile Post that they had cleared all requests for licensing from schools.

"We don't have any more requests for licensing, most schools whose documents where rejected where told to avail more information or change structures and these never returned," he said.

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