Is Kneeling the only posture through which God hears prayer?

In the modern age, Kneeling has come to have troubled connotations. While some people believe kneeling is the supreme act of humility and obedience, others reject it as a sign of submission and subjugation. 

Kneeling, however, has been a used by Christians in prayer almost since the beginning of time. In fact it is even mentioned in the Bible several times. 

In the Old Testament, the Holy Bible Commands christians to always Kneel before God, the Lord our Maker and it indicates several servants of God who did so. And the scripture in Psalms 95:6 indicates that; "Oh come Let us Worship and bow down; Let us Kneel before the Lord, Our Maker!"

The bible also reveals that Kneeling was less commonly an attitude of prayer among the Jews than was standing, but references to kneeling are of course abundant before a superior. 

President Edgar Lungu instructs his kneeling minister

The bible also shows that a number of people knelt before God to the extent of falling on their face while praying.

This can be seen in the book of Numbers 16:4 where Moses often fell on his face to pray. And In the Daniel 6:10, this tells us how frequently he kneeled explaining that he prayed on his knees before God three times a day.

But What is the problem with kneeling ? 

According to Christ The King Parish Priest Msgr. Gerard Kalumba what we do to man very often we transfer also to God, what you say that am respecting a human being is something we can also do when we want to respect God but God is not only respect but recognize his authority in different postures.

Msgr Kalumba said that  when one is praying in private, one can choose a posture any posture whether kneeling or seating down or stand up.

Are there specific postures for different prayers in public gatherings that have to be emphasised?

In public prayers there are certain postures which are agreed on at a certain stage of prayer like the catholic church we have different prayer postures and everybody knows them.

"We know when to stand up, seat and  kneel to we don't just sit but we seat when we are listening to the reading, when we say certain prayers like Our Father we all Stand, after Holy Communion most people have a posture of kneeling, when concreting mass we kneel in honour and respect of God. Priest Kalumba said. 

Edward Kisaka of Kyebando says, "Myself, I don’t believe there’s any special virtue in any particular posture. Ahab prayed with his face between his knees. God doesn’t look upon the outward appearance, but upon the heart."

Are there scriptures that guide people on the prayer postures?

Msgr Rev. Kalumba said "If you read scriptures carefully, scriptures are not there to regulate postures of prayer but there some scriptures that show people raising hands, kneeling, some standing and seat down and other bowing on ground in prayer."

Kalumba added that scriptures is life. It tells people about life on how people lived before and presented themselves before God.

In the New Testament, Jesus prayed sitting, standing, kneeling, and in a prone position at different stages of prayer.

John Bosco Mwesigye of Redeemed Church Kabowa said, he prays in all these ways; " in worshipping and praising and with certain petitions, I do kneel.  There are other times during the day I’m sitting, driving, and pray. "

“Myself, I don’t believe there’s any special virtue in any particular posture.  God doesn’t look upon the outward appearance, but upon the heart.” Said Ruth Ayamo a Christian at Phanel Ministries International."

However, it’s not the posture of the body that God considers if he is to answer our prayers but the attitude of the heart is one  that counts when we pray. Said Rev. Gerald Ayebale Kyomuhendo of All Saints Cathedral in Kampala."

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