Some politicians are enjoying the fact that some people are dying over their campaigns- Kabuleta

2021 Elections Watch

Independent Presidential aspirant Joseph Kabuleta has said that he does not want to adamantly attract police brutality because he is aware it could lead to the loss of lives of his supporters and other people, something he does not want on his conscience.

Kabuleta was speaking in a short video clip when he said that he has the capacity to disregard police orders and the likes, but it is of no worth if it would mean innocent people are put in harm's way.

“Police brutality is everywhere, but I do not want to attract it because it causes loss of lives. I am not somebody who is going to have it on my conscience that somebody lost their life because of my campaign,” Kabuleta argued.

The former sports journalist indicated that his primary interests are to keep within the given rules, speak to a few people as required and avoid any confrontations between him, his supporters, and the security forces.

“They are here, they follow me everywhere even in the church, but my aim is to speak to the people using the available platforms to me. We have been limited to meeting less than 200 people,” he said.

“I do not want to do things which put my people in harm’s way, because these security people are under orders. No one should die on my hands, not now not ever. I know certain politicians are enjoying it, not me,” he added.

Kabuleta says that he has deliberately decided to stay away from brutality for the sake of others.

“They will not shoot me, they can not, but they will shoot those that I am with. So I have deliberately refused to endanger my people,” he added.

Kabuleta’s comments come weeks after 54 people died in riots following the arrest of fellow Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine

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