NUP claims people dressed like army men pulling down their posters in Mukono

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By Herbert Sseryazi


National Unity Platform (NUP) contestants for political office in Mukono have said unknown people are pulling down their posters and billboards in the dead of night. Witnesses claim the people appear to be dressed in army fatigues.

NUP posters and billboards have reportedly been pulled down in Seeta, Kigunga, Wanton, and Kame Valley market. The posters and billboards were torn into pieces and scattered all over the areas. 

A vendor at the market said, "Today in the morning as I was coming to work in the market I found all the posters pulled down.” 

The incidents started to occur from Friday night. 

One NUP candidate Robert Kabanda claims that there was a meeting between  NRM's Hajji Haruna‚ Abaasi Sozi and Democratic party's Fred George Kagimu at Fred Bamwine's office, the president's representative in Mukono to decide on this course of action. 

Kabanda claims that during the meeting, “They agreed to erase all NUP posters in major towns in Mukono district with help from army and police.” 

NUP posters destroyed in Mukono

He challenged police to avail CCTV camera footage in Mukono town which would definitely prove who is destroying NUP posters in Mukono. 

The posters most targeted advertise the candidature of NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu for president, Betty Nambooze for Member of Parliament, and Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa who is standing against hajji Haruna Ssemakula. 

However, DP’s Fred George Kagimu denied any part in the desecration of NUP posters. He said the accusations were aimed at tarnishing his name. 

Indeed, Kagimu went on to say, "I was the first victim because all my posters were cut down before even the riots ... and I went to the police and opened up a case, therefore I cannot get involved in that cheap politics".

Davis Lukyamuzi, the head of Hajji Ssemakula campaign team, denied being behind the destruction of NUP posters, "We cannot connive with our counterparts to destroy other candidates’ portraits. Let NUP canvas support from people rather than playing malicious politics against NRM". 

 Police and the RDC in Mukono have not yet commented on the incident.NUP

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