Col Kaka Bagyenda fails to appear before Appointments Committee

The former Director General of the Internal Security Organisation Rtd. Col Kaka Bagyenda yesterday failed to appear before the Parliamentary Appointments Committee as required by law to be approved for an ambassadorial role in Angola.

Bagyenda did not offer any official communication for his failure to appear for vetting.

On the 28th of October 2020, the Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirige wrote to two presidential appointees Dr. Hassan Galiwango and Col Kaka Bagyenda to appear before the Parliamentary Appointments committee on Thursday this week for approval as required by law.

Dr Galiwango was appointed Uganda's ambassador to Kenya after being dropped as the director of Finance at NRM Secretariat.

Galiwango appeared before the committee at 10.00 am.

Bagyenda was supposed to be next but he did not show up.

Some of the Committee members told journalists that they were disappointed that the former ISO chief did not communicate to them officially.

They said this was a sign of disrespect from the so called disciplined army man who defied both the appointing authority plus Parliament.

This is second time Col Kaka Bagyenda is refusing to appear before a parliamentary committee, the first being last year when he was summoned by the Human Rights Committee to explain the existence of Safe Houses in Uganda

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