Africell boasts of revolutionizing industry as world celebrates internet day

Africell has said they are proud of the strides they have made in revolutionizing the Ugandan market as the world celebrates world internet day.

Addressing journalists on Friday, Africell Uganda CEO, Ziad  Daoud said the internet has fashionably positioned itself at the core of changing people’s lives, more so following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“If we were told few years back that a time would come when the world would advocate for less physical contact and reliance on means of communication that do not encourage clustering, we wouldn’t have believed it. Here we are in 2020 and the world is facing a pandemic the like of which we have not experienced which calls for social distancing as a means of sanitary prevention and reliance on digital communication,” Daoud said.

“Globally, businesses and people had to adopt new work models that emphasize remote

working powered by the internet relying on digitally solutions with apps like Microsoft teams, zoom and many others.”

Underscoring the role played by internet during the Coronavirus pandemic, Daoud said Africell positioned itself well to ensure their customers are now left behind.

“We have had to adapt our products and services to ensure a smooth transition to remote working. Our team introduced a number of breakthrough mobile products that have enabled our customers to sail through this pandemic with some degree of comfort,” the Africell CEO said.

He mentioned the introduction of the W3 data bundles inclusive of OTT and also carry significant extra data bonuses, Hakuna Matata bundles loaded with SMS, voice minutes and data with OTT as some of the services that help their customers not only financially but also reduce on the spread of Coronavirus.

“On the enterprise front, we reduced the prices for dedicated internet per Mbps to make the new normal of remote working smoother. We provide guaranteed symmetric bandwidth with our dedicated internet solution which ensures that our customers enjoy same speeds for their downloads and uploads.”

According to Daoud, such services have enabled customers stay in touch with loved ones especially during the Coronavirus pandemic where authorities emphasize social distancing.

“On this International day of the Internet, Africell reiterates the commitment to connect our communities with quality and affordable internet solutions.”

A report released recently by Bank of Uganda indicated that the number of active internet users grew by 36.7 per cent in the months between January and June which were largely characterized by the Coronavirus lockdown.


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