Yiga’s will: Ordered to be buried at his church so he can listen to the cries of his 'sheep'

Pastor Augustine Yiga of the revival church ministries in Kawaala, willed that he should be buried nearer to where he could listen to the voices of his flock, his son has revealed.

According to Yiga’s son, pastor Andrew Jjengo, the deceased told him on his death bed that he would want to continue hearing the cries of his flock should anyone attack them.

“He said he wanted to be buried near enough, such that he can come to do something when we are under attack. He said that burying him far from us would make it hard for him to come to our rescue,” Pastor Jjengo told the congregation at Kawaala.

He also noted that Yiga willed to be buried after five days, to allow him enough time on earth to accomplish some unfinished business.

“He (Yiga) told me and the lawyer reiterated that we should bury him only after five days. So we shall have to bury him on Sunday as he asked and that will be at this church,” he said.

Other sources claim that the deceased had asked to be buried near a TV set broadcasting programs from ABS TV, a station he founded.



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