Man takes photo sipping Nile Special on Mt Rwenzori, wins Shs 3 million

Nile Breweries Limited through their flagship beer brand, Nile Special, has given Anthony Natif, a mountain climber, Shs 3 million after he scaled the highest peak of Mountain Rwenzori, Margherita, and sipped a bottle of Nile Special beer while at it.

Natif, a member of Mountain Slayers Uganda (MSU), a hiking club, took a photo while sipping the beer, creating a social media sensation and attracting the attention of the beer company.

Natif said at MSU, they are all about enjoying and showcasing the beauty that Uganda has to offer and they are not shy about showing off brands they consider true representations of the Ugandan experience.

"Nile Special is a quintessential Ugandan brand, loved and enjoyed by millions. It also happens to be the most popular beer in the club. We take pride in it. When Mountain Slayers Uganda organized a Rwenzori expedition, it was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase Nile Special against the backdrop of the highest peak of the most beautiful mountain not only in Uganda but in Africa," he said.

Anthony Natif posing next to a framed photo of him at the peak of Mt Rwenzori with a Nile Special

Natif and other members of MSU travelled to Kasese on September 5 with the intention of scaling the mountain.

Amou Majok, the Marketing Lead at Nile Breweries said they were moved by the gesture.

"We were humbled to see the Nile Special bottle at the peak of Mt. Rwenzori.  We got in touch with Mr. Anthony Natif after seeing the social media conversation his actions stirred.  He humbly requested that we give a donation to the Mountain Slayers Uganda Club so that they can buy equipment for the Bakonjo mountain guides," she said.

Paul Lumala, the president of MSU said mountain climbing is a once in a lifetime experience where you forge lasting bonds amongst each other.

"With the activities performed we hope to inspire a whole generation to embrace the wild as their first choice of fun weekends and getaways," he said.


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