MP Kato Lubwama releases song called tulye, working on another dubbed tetunakuta (Video)

Comedian, artiste, and Rubaga South Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama has released a song called tulye (eating) in which he stresses that everyone should be open about being money minded.

According to Lubwama, the agenda of every Uganda is to ‘eat’ or literally obtain money to benefit themselves and those around them.

“It is a very beautiful song, everyone in the country is looking for something to eat. If someone is doing something where they are not getting some money to benefit themselves, they would abandon it,” he said.

“Why is Museveni here for all the 30 years? he wants to eat; The police want to eat, everybody wants to eat. I also have an eating contract with people of Rubaga,” he added.

Lubwama claims that people, especially politicians should be open to their voters, and instead of hiding behind the struggle, come out clearly and tell them they want to be in leadership to benefit financially.

He added that once the tulye song is out, he will be releasing another one dubbed tetunakuta (we are not yet satisfied), which he claims will be the anthem for the 2026 campaigns in Rubaga.

“I am certain the people of Rubaga will want me to have so many terms, because they are aware that leadership needs to be long term, short stints in leadership do not bring them enough benefits. So I will be in Rubaga until another person comes to eat,” he said.

“So now the agenda is we have started with tulye, then next we shall sing biwooma, then later we shall sing tetunakuta,” he added.

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