“God has started punishing those disorganizing DP”- Mao stings Bobi Wine’s NUP

2021 Elections Watch

Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao has said God has started punishing all the people who have been disorganizing the oldest opposition party.

The National Unity Platform woes escalated last week when founding president, Nkonge Kibalama said Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine didn’t deliver on the promise he made while “buying” the party.

Kibalama later told court that Kyagulanyi illegally assumed leadership of the party.

However, in a veiled message at a function where he was unveiled as party president for another term, Mao said party members have been praying to God and that their prayers have been finally been answered.

“Some institutions have been fighting Democratic Party but God is now coming out to punish them. In the next few months you are going to see punishments around. I am not a prophet but you are going to see it. I want to assert that nobody cries to God in vain,” Mao said.

In the past, the oldest political party in Uganda has locked horns with some of its members who have joined the youngest opposition political party, the National Unity Platform.

Mao in a veiled message without mentioning any name of party explained that many people have been engaged in disorganizing DP but noted that God has finally started acting on them.

“We in DP are also Ugandans and when we cry to God, he shows his face and punishes those who have wronged us and rewards those who have treated us well. Those who have treated DP well will be rewarded. We are starting this new term on a special note.”

A number of Democratic Party members including Moses Kasibante(Lubaga North) Betty Namooze(Mukono Municipality), Medard Sseggona( Busiro East), Mathias Mpuuga( Masaka Municipality) have publically announced allegiance to the National Unity Party.

Recently, Mao warned that party members who opt to contest on the NUP ticket but still masquerade as DP candidates will be replaced.

The newly elected Democratic Party president explained that in his new term, he will focus more efforts on ensuring discipline within the party, unlike before where many members were unruly.

“I have warned DP members that you should not be seen with a non DP candidate against a DP candidate. We will give you a red carpet to wherever you want to go. There won’t be compromise on discipline. An organization must have red line and we have drawn one,” Mao said.

“You can’t say you are a catholic priest and want to have a wife. You can’t be in DP and seen promoting other candidates.”

Mao told journalists that he was re-elected as party president because he has been consistent in defending the Democratic Party.

Asked to comment on the issue of a joint candidate in the   forthcoming election, Mao said they have been at the forefront of calling for a joint candidate but they have been let down.

“We have been the main advocates for a united front but we have reached a point to be our own. For how long shall we say let us  unite  and nobody is coming? When you sing and nobody is singing along, you sing alone. Let us focus on rebuilding our party. If we don’t take government in 2021, then 2026 is ours.”

He however noted that opposition can work together in fronting joint candidates in some constituencies and fighting for free and fair elections but nothing more than that.



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