Muteesa’s vintage Rolls Royce returned to Buganda

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The government has returned Kabaka Muteesa II's vintage Rolls Royce to Buganda kingdom in a bid to strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

The car which has been kept in the Uganda Museum for several years was returned to the kingdom on Thursday after a series of negotiations.

While handing over the car during a ceremony held at Uganda Museum,Tom Butime, the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities revealed that the gesture was inspired by the Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s request to the president.

He said the decision was reached following a cabinet meeting.

He also appealed to the kingdom to keep the car as an important treasure and make it accessible to the members of the public.

"Any treasure must be preserved and people must enjoy it's beauty. Ugandans both here and outside the country will have an opportunity of looking at this beautiful treasure,"he said.

"We hope that the kingdom will keep it as a very important memorial treasure and will be accessible to the rest of Ugandans for viewing and enjoyment,"Butime added.

Prince David Kintu Wasajja who represented the kingdom thanked the government for understanding the pain of the Kabaka Mutebi and Buganda at large.

"We are glad that you are able to understand Uganda’s pain.This is a victory for diplomacy and I think a lot our issues and problems can be solved through diplomacy,"he said.

He said the vehicle is of a great significance to the kingdom.

The car was immediately towed to the kingdom headquarters where the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga received it.

Speaking to the media, Mayiga promised to refurbish the vehicle for Kabaka's official use.

“It’s a very expensive car of course but I am sure we shall be able to restore its state so that it can move again,"he said.


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