Kato Lubwama is better than Bobi Wine; He is honest- Bajjo (Video)

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Events promoter Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo has said that Rubaga legislator Kato Lubwama is far better than National Unity Platform (NUP) chairman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Bajjo who was a NUP member before switching to support President Museveni said that while Kato Lubwama is a money-minded person like everyone, he respects his honesty, unlike Bobi Wine who is hiding in the struggle and reaping so much money at the expense of others.

“Bobi Wine is dishonest. He wants to claim he is very poor yet he keeps getting money from whites but does not share it with anyone. He will come and approach you then start saying he is suffering and should be helped to fight in the struggle, yet his intention is to make self rich,” Bajjo claimed.

“I want to expose Bobi Wine’s theft and dishonesty. It is better to behave those who have already stolen than get Bobi Wine to the statehouse to rob the country clean, he is a businessman. What serious thing has he done to show he can unseat Museveni,” he added.


Bajjo lambasted Bobi Wine whom he accused of neglecting the children of his deceased driver Yasin Kawuma and supporter Ritah Nabukenya.

Bajjo also said that his fall out with NUP and Bobi Win started when he was asked to contribute Shs23m so that they could campaign for him.

“When I was going to stand on an elective position in Nakawa, Nyanzi (Fred) said that the party is for the poor so I should give them Shs10m and also give him shs8m so he campaigns for me. I would so much appreciate if these NUP people came out like Kato Lubwama and simply said, we want to eat, just vote us we eat together, otherwise, it is not a struggle,” Bajjo said.

Speaking at the same event, Kato Lubwama said it would be a mistake to make Bobi Wine President because he is not yet ready.

“All people surrounding Bobi Wine are businessmen, and people have been told that he gets too much money which he eats alone,” Lubwama claimed.

Nile Post contacted Friedrich Naumann Stiftung on allegations they are the funders of Bobi Wine, but they did not reply claiming to be out of office.








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