Mukula to Sanjay Tana: "Let bygones be bygones"

The NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Capt Mike Mukula, has urged his contenders to come together and unite so that they mobilise for President Museveni to win the 2021 general election.

Mukula's remarks come shortly after one of his contenders, Sanjay Tanna, disputed the outcome of the recently concluded party leadership elections for the position of vice chairperson for Eastern region.

The chairperson of NRM electoral commission, Dr. Tanga Odoi also confirmed that Tanna had contested the results.

Mukula won the slot with 5,818 votes whereas Tanna obtained 4,162 votes and Christine Harriet Akello 162 votes.

But in an interview with NBS TV, Mukula said this is not the time to sour grape noting that nobody who contested has raised any complaints.

"This is the time for us as a party to come together and prepare for President Museveni to win. I call upon him to let bygones be bygones, "Mukula advised.

He said Tanna's complaint did not surprise him because he has been going to the courts of law whenever he is beaten in an election.

He said Tanna should not fight for leadership right now noting that being an NRM vice chairperson is a voluntary job.

He however said that he is ready for another battle with Tanna.

"God has got a reason why he chooses people. Leaders are chosen by God and democracy is a voice of God and the voice of the people. If my brother wants to go back again for another campaign, I am ready,"he said.

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