UWBA appeals for tax incentives for socially responsible companies 

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Musa Majoba, the  Uganda Whistle Blowers Association (UWBA) president, has urged the Ministry of Finance to consider tax incentives for companies that look out for the welfare of Ugandans. 

Majoba says that tax incentives are the best way the Ugandan government can express appreciation for companies that have consistently tried to uplift the lives of Ugandans. 

He says that companies that have a history of generously giving to the needy, sponsoring events that bring communities together deserve this recognition. He says there are many indigenous companies that for example sponsor sports events like football, basketball, rugby year in year out. 

Majoba further says that there are companies well known for organising fundraisings to help children from needy families attain scholarships or scholastic materials. These companies go out of their way to support orphans, single parents or even child headed organisations. 

The UWBA head believes that the Ugandan government can show its caring side by reaching to such companies in this time of financial distress caused by the novel Coronavirus pandemic by offering tax incentives like immunity. Such gestures will enable these companies not only to survive the challenging economic period but also keep their workers employed. 

Majoba believes that such incentives will encourage other businesses that have not engaged in corporate social responsibility to take up the mantle too. He says this will ensure that the Ugandan business community feels appreciated by their government as not just a tax avenue but an integral part of the development process for Uganda. 

The Uganda Whistle Blowers Association (UWBA) is a non profit organ founded by Musa Majoba in 2016, as well as a few others whose key aims, were to right wrongs.

UWBA is led by Majoba alongside  its national coordinator Makolo Kavuma,  and Ssemanda Wasswa Ibra who mobilize the public to be a part of public debates, strategic discussions, and practical solution finding missions. 

UWBA describes its mission as to fight the violation of rights and freedoms, abuse of authority and power, and public office mismanagement. 

Previously, UWBA has championed campaigns like, establishing embassies in Oman , Jordan and Kuwait, and returning Ugandans stranded in the gulf region. 

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