How Bobi Wine’s NUP has eaten into DP in Masaka

For decades Masaka sub-region which is currently has comprised of nine districts  has been a stronghold of the Democratic Party, Uganda’s oldest political party.

Masaka’s contribution to DP is evident in many ways but more so through the number of DP legislators that hail from there and representation in local government.

Out of 15 members of parliament, DP has, six of them are from greater Masaka. These include Florence Namayanja of Bukoto East, Marry Babirye Kabanda Woman MP Masaka district, Robina Ssentongo, the Woman MP Kyotera district; Mathias Mpuuga MP Masaka municipality, Joseph Ssewungu from Kalungu West and Veronica Nanyondo Woman MP Bukomansimbi district.

With Jude Mbabaali as the LCV chairman for Masaka district, DP also has a big representation in local councils from all the nine districts that make up greater Masaka.

However, after after Robert Kyagulanyi took over leadership of National Unity Platform (NUP), many DP leaders and legislators in greater Masaka have changed their allegiance from DP to NUP

Some of the MP from greater Masaka who are now ready to move on with NUP include Mpuuga, Namayanja, Nanyondo, Ssentongo and Ssewungu.

Some of the DP MPs who are now hobnobbing with NUP said they had had enough of infighting in the DP.

According to Mpuuga, they can not be in a political party which is led by selfish leaders only focusing on money from the ruling NRM government other than liberating Ugandans.

"Even though DP is on the bottom of heart our priority is liberating Ugandans," Mpuuga said.

Other MP blamed DP leaders for secretly supporting NRM candidates.

Some MPs revealed that top DP leaders are campaigning against their fellow MP Veronica Nanyondo who will take on NRM's Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, the minister of state for the Youth, for the Bukomansimbi Woman MP seat.

Kiyingi, a former DP member officially crossed to NRM in 2018.

However Denis Mukasa Mbidde, the DP chairman for Masaka, said those who have left DP for NUP had already become politically weak.

“Many them are looking for the third term and it's unfortunate that they have done nothing for their people making them week," said Mbidde.

Masaka subregion is also home for some of the founders of DP like Ben Kiwanuka who hails from Bukomansimbi.

However, the question which pops up in people’s minds is whether the successors have abandoned the vision and legacy of people like Kiwanuka.


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