Ugandans abroad petition for representation in parliament

Ugandans in the Middle East have asked for representation in parliament. Ugandans who work in Arab countries argue that they now constitute a sizeable number with unique concerns that need to be addressed. 

Under the Uganda Whistle Blowers Association (UWBA) , the Ugandans have written to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga on this matter. 

UWBA president Musa Majoba writes that, “Following the events in the Gulf Region (Arab world), with all efforts to contain the situation by the Ugandan government falling short. Isn’t it timely and right that each continent (America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia) be given a seat to have a Ugandan representative from that region in the parliament of Uganda?” 

Majoba says that while Ugandans abroad appreciate the fact that, “The recent court ruling instructing the electoral commission to ensure that we the Ugandan citizens living outside Uganda, be allowed to exercise our constitutional right to vote.” 

However, Ugandans in diaspora, “Believe this is incomplete, if we are not equally given one parliamentary seat to a Ugandan to voice the concerns of Ugandans living in their part of the world.” 

Recently, the Ugandan cabinet approved the addition of five parliamentary seats in the house to represent the elderly. 

The Uganda Whistle Blowers Association (UWBA) is a non profit organ founded by Musa Majoba in 2016, as well as a few others whose key aims, were to right wrongs.

UWBA founder Musa Majoba UWBA founder Musa Majoba

UWBA is led by Majoba alongside  its national coordinator Makolo Kavuma,  and Ssemanda Wasswa Ibra who mobilize the public to be a part of public debates, strategic discussions, and practical solution finding missions. 

UWBA describes its mission as to fight the violation of rights and freedoms, abuse of authority and power, and public office mismanagement. 

Previously, UWBA has championed campaigns like, establishing embassies in Oman , Jordan and Kuwait, and returning Ugandans stranded in the gulf region. 

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