Kamuli Road at Naalya roundabout to be closed for two months, says UNRA

Kamuli Road at the Naalya roundabout, will on Thursday this week, be closed to traffic for a period of at least two months, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has announced.

According to a statement from UNRA, the closure is meant to allow road works related to the Northern Bypass, including construction of a new access road along the Kamuli road and Naalya roundabout area.

The closure is also part of the ongoing capacity improvement of the Kampala Northern Bypass.

According to UNRA, motorists, are in the meantime, "advised to use alternative routes to access the Bypass.

"The alternative routes are; East Africa road and Kaduyu road, next to the National Council for Higher Education offices as we expedite physical works," UNRA said.

The construction of the second phase of the Kampala Northern Bypass commenced in July 2014 and it was originally expected to be completed in July 2017. Several delays and constraints however forced UNRA to push the completion date to October 2021.

A statement from UNRA earlier this year showed that the contractor, Mota Engil, had made a progress of 70% by February 2020 and according to the plan, Mota Engil will be able to hit the October 2021 target.

The project is being co-founded by the Government of Uganda and the European Union through a Eur 40 million grant and a Eur 7.2 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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