KCCA speaks out on enforcement officers stabbed in new taxi park

Kampala Capital City Authority has spoken out on the incident in which some of their enforcement officers were stabbed during an operation in the new taxi park on Friday afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened at the Kampala-Masaka stage when a mask vendor stabbed enforcement officers who had allegedly come to effect an arrest.

However, interim KCCA spokesperson, Daniel Muhumuza Nuwabine told the Nile Post that the incident occurred as enforcement officers tried to break up a scuffle at the taxi stage.

“Our officers were assaulted by someone in the new taxi park after they had intervened in a wrangle on the Masaka stage. Two officers were attacked on the shoulder and the chest,”Nuwabine told the Nile Post.

Earlier, an eyewitness had told this website that the suspect was a mask vendor who was resisting arrest by KCCA enforcement officers.

However, Nuwabine dismissed the claim that the suspect was a mask vendor and described him as a goon.

“He is neither a taxi driver nor conductor. He was a goon. We have been looking for him after previously assaulting our enforcement team members. He was taken to prison but escaped and faked his death. He only resurfaced recently ”

The KCCA publicist revealed that the suspect is among those being used by some elements who are protesting against the development and streamlining of the public transport system in the city.

He however noted that KCCA will not bow to their efforts.

“Using such groups of people including Kifeesi by some people who want to own the sector will only emphasize our resolve to regulate and organize the transport sector. We shall not accept people using these informal groups to take us back,” he said.



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