Dr Obuku: Museveni is using science to push his own agenda

2021 Elections Watch

Former president of the Uganda Medical Association, Dr Ekwaro Obuku has claimed that politicians, including President Yoweri Museveni are using the excuse of science to push their personal agendas.

Dr Obuku said that incumbents, especially in Africa are known for using any crisis to their advantage.

Dr Obuku made these remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s NBS Frontline on Thursday evening.

He said, “Politicians including the president are using science to push their agenda. Incumbents are notorious in cheating, this is documented.”

“If we can allow people to enter a taxi, why can’t we allow people to participate in elections with guidelines in place?” Obuku added.

Dr Obuku’s comments come a few weeks after the Electoral Commission (EC) had announced that the forthcoming 2021 general election campaigns would be held scientifically on media platforms.

EC’s announcement attracted criticism from the public and opposition politicians who insist that such an election cannot be free and fair since it favours the incumbents.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, who is also a panelist on the NBS Frontline, however argued that people should understand that government has been very flexible compared to other countries that have taken much stringent measures to combat Covid-19.

“The scientists are saying the cure for Covid-19 is still unknown, that is why we need to be cautious,” Ofwono said.

State Minister for Housing Chris Baryomunsi added that the Covid-19 pandemic has inconvenienced everyone and not only politicians, so no one should be reckless simply because of an election.

“The duty is up to all of us to come up with Standard Operating Procedures on how to conduct elections without endangering Ugandans,” Baryomunsi said.

One of the issues that those against scientific elections raised, was that almost all private media platforms are owned by politicians and these will not give their opponents space but Baryomunsi said that, “I own a radio station. I don’t stop any opposition member from appearing on it.”

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