NGO forum opposes Museveni's view on death penalty

The Uganda National NGO Forum has urged President Museveni to delay plans of pushing for the scrapping a death penalty as he promised, saying it is not the right way to curb crime.

The Executive Director Uganda National NGO Forum Richard Ssewakiryanga told journalists that the death penalty is not a punishment to curb crime since every individual ought to die.

"We thought we had made a great progress in that area, and we want to urge the president to continue to understand this because many countries in Africa are working hard to eliminate death penalty," Ssewakiryanga said.


Ssewakiryanga said those who are guilty should be taken for rehabilitation other than being killed.

"The most important thing, however bad the criminals are, is we do not need to end life. Because ending life does not bring back life," he said.

‘’The reason why a criminal process is that you want some to be punished reformed and move on with their life and I this something I thing we should cherish as Ugandans.’’ Said Ssewakiryanga.’’

The Uganda National NGO Forum also tasked police to release the report about the raid made on some NGO offices where some equipment was taken.



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