Government dragged to court for refusing to clear herbal formula that treats cancer, diabetes

A man has dragged government to court for failure to clear a herbal formula that he says treats cancer and diabetes.

David Ssenfuka , the proprietor of Leonia-NNN-Medical Research and Diagnostic Centre Limited says he developed a formula that can treat both diabetes and cancer and he says he has been able to treat some prominent people including retired High Court Judge, John Bosco Katutsi who have since testified to have been cured.

“The plaintiff once in a while administered the said herbal formula to people with ailments such as uncontrollable appetite, the obese, those with bodily trembling, those with uncontrollable urination and those with cancerous wounds upon which administration, such patients on all fronts reported complete relief of their infirmities,” the court documents say.

Ssenfuka says his research involved finding a way of reversing the syndrome in the body attacked either by diabetes or cancer to its normal position before the attack and that in cases of diabetes, the herbal formula restores hormones to enable the body normally produce and control insulin.

“… And as of cancer, herbal formula eliminates the abnormal growth of cells in the body that had been brought as a result of corrupted DNA therein and thereafter the cells regain their normal genetic code it had before the cancer attack.”

“The plaintiffs after that research ,started administering their crafted herbal formula in its rudimentary state first to patients who were suffering from diabetes mellitus and they found more than 200 patients successfully got cured and were able to resume their normal diabetic free life,” the court documents further read.

Ssenfuka says that as regards cancer treatment, at his own cost, he organised and commenced studies on 37 patients who were resigned to death under palliative care.

“.. such patients were battling different types of cancer including breast cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the vagina, skin cancer and leukaemia and that they all have fully recovered , some of whom will be willing to render testimony to their health experience accompanied by corresponding medical certificates.”

According to the court documents, in administering the medicine for both cancer and diabetes, Ssenfuka has been doing so in consultation with medical specialists working under the Ministry of Health so as to ensure controlled diagnosis and treatment for patients’ healthy recovery and safety.


In the suit filled before the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala, Ssenfuka says that he consulted and engaged the Uganda National Health Research Organisation’s Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute that carried out a phytochemical analysis of his herbal formula.

He adds that the institute then extracted the herbal formula and used it to evaluate the toxic effects on rats and its acute oral toxicity which revealed that it didn’t have effects on the liver, heart and kidneys and this meant it was safe.

According to Ssenfuka, the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute later cleared his formula and asked him to proceed to the Ministry of Health for clearance for a protocol that could allow him procure resources from international medical specialists and renowned scientists that could carry out both chemical and bioanalysis of the medicine.

He says this would in return allow have his formula certified that it can cure the diseases and finally process and secure patents for it.

“… that without the government protocol, the plaintiffs could not attract research funders, embassies ,governments ,investors, rich sheiks in Arab countries and pharmaceutical companies to  take interest in their research project with a view of producing a drug or pills to cure the disease,” court documents say.

Ssenfuka says that efforts to sway government to issue a protocol by writing to the Director Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago and the president of Uganda Medical Association have been ignored.


Ssenfuka wants court to declare that it was wrong for government to refuse to clear his herbal formula but also order government to do it.

He also wants court to declare him recognised and obtain national honors in recognition of his “landmark research findings that cure diabetes and cancer.

“An order directing the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology to protect the intellectual property through the appropriate patent laws  but also order government to issue a research protocol before the commencement of the plaintiff’s human clinical trials at his own cost,” the court documents read.

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