Minister Kabatsi threatens to ban boda bodas, vehicles carrying people 

Coronavirus outbreak

By Wilson Kamukono 

The State Minister for Transport Joy Kafura Kabatsi has warned of an impending ban on boda boda riders and other vehicle drivers who have continued to use their vehicles to illegally carry people from one place to another.

She said that although the public transport was banned, some opportunists have continued to illegally transport people to various destinations using boda bodas, lorries, trucks and others vehicles in the name of carrying luggage.

Kabatsi noted, “People in villages have observed the presidential directives more than urban dwellers although the risk of spread is higher in towns.  This calls for intensified monitoring and serious action to stop the chancers from causing havoc to our people.”

She said her Ministry is considering barring anyone caught illegally transporting passengers from using the road again because they are endangering everyone.

Kabatsi made the remarks while handing over 600 bags of maize flour to Lwemiyaga sub county task force over the weekend which was received by sub county chief Levi Mulagira on behalf of Nixon Kabuye, the Sembabule district RDC, who is the chairman district task force.

She said the relief targets families whose work was affected by COVID-19 measures to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Not missing a chance to throw a jab at her political rival, Kabatsi said, “I want to thank the people of Lwemiyaga for the first time they have observed the laws because MP Ssekikubo always hoodwinks them to be against government guide lines but they have collectively observed the presidential directives and ministry of health guidelines to tame this threat."

Mulagira applauded minister’s decision to provide relief to the area, “We are in bad times and so many people are affected even in villages and this needs a collective response irrespective of one’s position we can collectively help our people.”

Abdumusa Kakoza, the sub county chairman of Lwemiyaga boda boda’s association, thanked the minister and government for looking providing them with food.

“The food relief has been concentrated in big towns but equally in urban areas in upcountry districts we have same people who don’t have what to eat and who stopped from working due to coronavirus,” He said.

He said minister’s decision to help the people in villages should inform government and other well-wishers to extend helping hand to rural areas than concentrating in Kampala and other urban areas.

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