MP Nsereko:"State House budget should be slashed to help in the fight against Covid19"

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Kampala Central MP, Muhammad Nsereko, has said that Parliament should consider slashing the State House budget to aid the fight against Covid-19.

According to Nsereko,the money that President Museveni pledged to donate in the fight against the pandemic during his address to the nation this week is not enough when the state house get a budget of over Shs 1 trillion.

"On the issue of the President accepting a salary cut of Shs 1.4m to support the Covid19 cause, it’s a good gesture but why don’t we also consider budget cuts to the State House budget which is over 1 trillion this financial year?" he queried.

Nsereko said if the State House budget is cut by 70% ,the country would save over Shs 700 billion which could build at least four regional referral hospitals.

"Cut the classified budget of Defence and channel it to agriculture with another Shs 700 billion, Uganda in six months will feed the entire East Africa,"he noted.

On the issue of the controversial Shs 10 billion allocated to the MPs, Nsereko urged the colleagues not be angry about the money.

He said there is no doubt that most of members of parliament have been helping people in their constituencies before and during these tough times.

"Please don’t be demoralized by the negative publicity. It comes with all those that hold public office and we must be ready for public scrutiny,"he said.

Nsereko urged his colleagues to continue helping people as they have been doing.

"Majority of our people are very understanding. Pass on the funds as advised to the district task forces although my view is why not pass it on to the health sector,"he noted.


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